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Daily DC Item: In Which Tells Me To Take Cover

Yesterday I was on to check this weekend’s weather and while it looks like it’ll be a little wet, I was amused by the suggested links with the forecast:


Are you prepared for today’s hurricane? Maybe they are referring to the storm that is Barack Obama.

Daily DC Item: Don’t Rain On My Primary Day

Photo courtesy Flickr user eralon

Photo courtesy Flickr user eralon

The bigger news out there appears to be the crazy weather (I woke up at 6 AM in the center of The Perfect Storm, the weather as I type this? Sunny.)

The story that should be a bigger splash? The Virginia Democratic Primary which opened their polls today as the three Democratic candidates for Governor face-off. At first I was a little interested in the race but now my interest has waned again. With more rain in the forecast today, I’m not expecting anything but lackluster participation totals for today’s race. That being said it’s no longer absolutely safe that front-runner Terry McAuliffe will walk away with a victory, who knows if Brian Moran or even Creigh Deeds could walk away with an upset.

Polls are open til 7 P.M. statewide if you are a resident and are itching to be vocal on the issue.

(UPDATE: And look what happened… Deeds upsets and wins it)

Daily DC Item: Do We Really Need A Botox Bailout?

"Botox is so sexy" courtesy of Flickr user ekai

"Botox is so sexy" courtesy of Flickr user ekai

Are you too ugly to get a job during these tough economic times?

I can’t tell you how frustrated I get when I see all my beautiful friends get job offer after job offer based on that pretty face- I suppose sometimes your face can say way more than a resume can.

For those that actually agree with my sarcastic comments will be in luck, you can get that much needed work done so you can combat those ” ‘one week’s notice’ worry lines, ‘furlough’ furrows and ‘cut back’ crow’s feet.”

Starting this Friday (10 AM – 5PM) the first 50 people to show up at Reveal at Pentagon Row can get a free Botox injection in exchange for a resume in what Reveal calls The Botox Bailout. You also need to provide proof of recent unemployment (a termination letter and/or unemployment check stub.)

Now look kiddies, I know it’s a tough out there and some of us are looking for jobs, losing our jobs, or just afraid for our jobs; but do we really feel like Botox is going to make us feel better or give us that edge? I really hope not, I like to believe that getting a job is about who you know, what you know, and what you’ve done.

I do give Reveal props for having recruiters on site for networking, and I suppose it is just a catchy marketing stunt; but I’m not a fan of the exploitation of our insecurities.

Plus Botox makes you look 10% more like Joan Rivers… but then again she’s managed to stay employed at her age so maybe that’s not that bad.

(thanks to my favorite Politico blogger, Anne Schroeder Mullins, for the news)

DC Daily Item: ARE YOU READY TO (AIR) ROCK!!?!!?


Thanks to flickr user Andrew Huff for this photo of reigning Philly US Air Guitar Champ Windhammer.

If you get up on stage and fake playing a song, a la Ashlee Simpson or  Milli Vanilli and you will lose your Grammys and never sell a CD MP3 again-except ironically, of course.

But get up on stage and blatantly put on recorded music and also PRETEND to be holding an instrument-and you’ll sell a hell of a lot of tickets.

Some how air guitar has gone from being something we did to entertain ourselves in front of the mirror and transformed into something people will pay good money to see.  Somehow both more fake and more real than a guitar game like Guitar Hero (both of which take a lot less talent and effort than say, I dunno, playing the guitar for real?)-air guitar is a thing now.  With it’s own contest and governing board and everything.

And it’ll be at the 9:30 Club on Friday (at 8pm).

Yes, go watch (or participate!) in the Washington DC regional of the US AIR GUITAR CHAMPIONSHIP.

Okay-so this whole fad strikes me as a bit too much hipster for my taste, but it probably is something to see at least once.  Just read that partial article on the main page for US Air featuring Air-Guitarist “Windhammer

Windhammer’s left hand was a blur. His right hand dashed up and down the invisible fretboard, furiously articulating chords in unprecedented contortions. If anyone witnessing the light-speed riff even had a chance to wonder what the hurry was, the abrupt emergence of the solo answered their question.

And here I would have thought that the guy was just making it up.  Alas, I would have been wrong-apparently the emperor does in fact shred in his new clothes.

Any Metblog users going/participating?  I want to hear from you-what am I missing here?  Is this like LOST or soccer where you need a little background info to know and appreciate what is going on?  Enlighten!

(and for the record, I always used a tennis racket-I never felt comfortable with just air…)

In the meantime, here is air guitar in it’s natural, moving, element…

DC Daily Item: Speln-nawt sew Gr8, aktualie…

S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G F-A-L-E!

S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G F-A-L-E!

Even before an unhealthy amount of LOLCats I was an awful speller, and always a little put off by people who were good at it.  Why devote yourself to the memorization of such mundane sequences of letters and rules about which ones go where when there was spellcheck?  And even when you spell something incorrectly, you have about a 93/100 chance that the person reading what you rote knows wat you are takling about anywae.
See what I mean :)

That said, these days I’m impressed by it.   Scripps is in town folks-and I wouldn’t want to mess with any of these kids on a Scrabble (or Wordscraper or whatever) board.  The “twitchy little freaks” as Mr. Tony Kornheiser likes to call them are indeed a spectacle to behold.  The competition started Tuesday, and is on TV today, tomorrow and the finals on Friday night.

Or, if you need some lunch money, I know where you could find about 293 kids who are used to forking it over…kidding! kidding!  Don’t go beat up spellers for money!  That have very aggressive parents who won’t take kindly to you ruining what they have worked very, very hard…I mean what the KIDS have worked very, very hard to accomplish for them…the kids of course, not the parents.

In the meantime, check out the wiki page for a list of winners and words they won with.

DC Daily Item: Rain Delaying the Inevitable

Filling in for Patrick while he’s taking a well deserved vacay:


Via Deadspin-take a look at this wonderfully symbolic view of the Nationals season from last Saturday’s night game against the Phillies.  Stinking wet, heavy tarp-you run forward until you get stuck, run back, run forward and get caught by an air bubble only to finally finish a little to late to protect the field.

If you’d like to brave the possibility of rain, the “Beltway Series” (I honestly can’t believe this merits a wikipedia page) is currently underway against the equally unimpressive (but our city is better than theirs) Baltimore Bore-ioles at Nationals Park.

Daily DC Item: Free Pop Tarts At California Tortilla

caltortlogoIf you have a hankering for a breakfast pastry make sure you stop by California Tortilla today for their 15th annual “Pop Tart Day” celebration. You can stop by and get a free Pop Tart.

According to their monthly newsletter, Taco Talk, they hope to give away 20,000 Pop Tarts. The only rule is you have to deal with whichever flavor they give you.

Not only are they giving away Pop Tarts, but one lucky winner will find a golden ticket which will entitle the winner to a free burrito every week for a year! That’s better than any tour Willy Wonka could offer up.

I’ve been trying to stay in shape (and doing a bad job of it) for a beach trip this upcoming weekend- but I may indulge a sugary breakfast if I could win free burritos for a year.

To find your closest CalTor location check out their store locator.

Daily DC Item: Disney To Build Resort At National Harbor

 Kevin Clark -- The Washington Post

Kevin Clark -- The Washington Post

Molly Gannon over at The Washington Post tipped us off on a Post exclusive on Disney’s purchase of 15 acres at the National Harbor in PG county.

Does this mean there’s going to be a Disneyworld: DC Edition? Chances are no- they are planning to build a hotel resort that will probably compete with the other hotels on the developing complex.

The Harbour is quickly becoming a go-to destination for conferences and events, my roommate went to the Big Night DC this past winter and she told me that a good time was had by all.

I’m a little curious to see how Disney will pull off the resort, we all know they can do good cruises and theme parks- how would a Disney resort play-out?

Democrats Face Off In Virginia Gubernatorial Primary Debate Tomorrow

novaWell thanks to the rampant calls I’ve gotten from the candidates, I’ve become a smidge more interested in the Gubernatorial race in Virginia. While there’s only one G.O.P. candidate, the Democrats have a primary where three candidates will be facing off. The candidates: Creigh Deeds, Terry McAuliffe, and Brian Moran will debate one last time at NOVA in Annandale at 2 PM. The post has an article up previewing the debate and will stream the event live for those that might want to check in.

I don’t know if it’s me becoming more interested in Politics (maybe I did catch the bug when I moved here) but if I have a minute tomorrow- I might check in. Then again I might be the only one, is anybody else really interested in the Governor’s race?

Daily DC Item: Dismantling Of Hostage Negotiation Unit As An Action Movie Plot

the_negotiator-_cdcovers_cc_-frontWhen I read that the Chief of Metro Police was going to dismantle DC’s hostage negotiation unit I thought two things:

  1. The Negotiator was a really good movie. Samuel L. Jackson was a bad-ass. Kevin Spacey wasn’t that bad either.
  2. This sounds like a plot twist in any police/crime thriller:

You called for me chief?

Yes, please come in. And close the door.

(after closing door)
What's up?

I got some bad news, I have to shut down your unit. Budget cuts.

(without losing his cool)
Well I think that's the wrong move Chief, we're out there 
saving lives every day! Remember that time that 
stand-off by The White House-  that would of been a 
mess if it wasn't for us...

I know. I know. But the Mayor's been on me and 
I gotta produce some results, and right now frankly 
you are more of a risk to the department- 
you guys are cowboys out there-

(a little more heated)
Hey Chief you don't know what it's like 
to be out there in the heat of the battle,
my group of men are the best group of talkers 
out there and we get the job done-

But at what cost? Frankly you and I know that you 
don't exactly play by the rules- remember how you
negotiated that situation last week?  We were lucky to
bring that man back in one piece...

Hey he was asking for it! Just give us one more chance...

Your chances are up. It's back to patrolling streets for you.

I was born for this! I wasn't made for walking streets. I am a talker!
This is a big mistake, if you are taking me off the unit then
I don't want any part of this department!

What- are you quitting? Are you are quitter now?

No I'm not a quitter, it is you who quit on the unit.

That's it, get out of my face- and leave your badge and gun.
I'm sick of your antics!

{slams his badge on the desk)
I'd be glad too- good luck Chief.


Now I'm not the best screenwriter and that's probably nothing close to
what is happening at all but I can imagine...
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