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Jay-Z Knows How To Run This Town: Chillin In The Situation Room

He's got 99 problems but Obama ain't one.

Last week during a concert at the Verizon Center, Jay-Z made reference that he visited the White House earlier that day. Looks like the rapper got free reign as this photo of him chilling in the White House situation room was leaked.

His main squeeze Beyonce was on hand as well.

Look Beyonce was there too!

h/t Politico Click, TWS

Real World DC: Episode 11 Breakdown

Only three more episodes of Real World DC? What will I do with my Wednesday nights? Where will I go to get my daily dose of DC B-Roll shots and rampant drinking & drama?

I will say one thing, I’ll have a lot more free time on Thursday mornings.

Drama In DC

Panda In Love?

Panda love

Right off the bat we are introduced to Andrew Leigh, a model that Andrew met at Fly Lounge. The two appeared to hit it off, perhaps all too quickly. Given that she’s ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, some are wondering if she wasn’t a plant from the show considering she previously auditioned for Real World DC. MTV provides some comments from the roommates about her intentions and they have her back– but a part of me can’t help but think how convenient it is that the guy who’s storyline has mostly been about getting action finds a really hot girl to make his girlfriend.

Did I say girlfriend? Yes Andrew and Andrea spend the entire episode doing cute things like cuddling and painting nails. Somewhere along the way however Andrew strays off the path when he and Josh bring home a couple of girls. Sure we know that Josh is a beast that cannot be tamed but is Andrew? While Josh is having his way with his girl Andrew is left entertaining a girl in the confessional… and we know things happen in the confessional

Just in the nick of time Andrea arrives from her night out and an awkward moment is had as she spies some other woman all over Andrew. Mike plays damage control upstairs while this other chick is trying to convince Andrew that Andrea isn’t even pretty. What? What planet are you from? Well Andrea and Andrew eventually patch things back up and become an official item. Of course I don’t think couples are official until it’s on Facebook- but that’s just me. Over at Elizabethany’s RWDC chat they already came-up with a pet name for the two: Pandrea. It sounds like a mix between a bread shop and the blue planet in Avatar.

Regardless of Andrea’s intentions I do have to say Andrew is my new hero- he proves that you can be quirky and weird and still land a model- it does help if you look cute however. Looks like I still have a long way to go…

Erika Is Jealous of Everyone

Erika's ready to smack someone

Erika is just a Debbie downer all episode. First she fails to appreciate one of DC’s biggest sports: soccer. The cast gets to sit in the loud and rowdy Barra Brava section of the stadium and Erika fails to get excited about the game. Hey put a few beers in me and I’ll be ok with bouncing around and screaming. Next she has a phone interview with NPR, which I found weird because most other employers gave cast members face-to-face interviews. Maybe it’s a radio thing.

Well she decides to play phone queen and rags on Mike when he is on the phone with his boy crush before the scheduled interview. Now maybe a simple, “get off in five” note would suffice, but she instead writes a long note about how NPR may call early- may call late- and how she only has one chance to get this right.

Kinda melodramatic right?

Well looks like she was right about one thing- she talked with NPR but later found out she won’t be able to work with them after-all. Cue downward spiral of self loathing and whining.

She tries to write some music to help feel better but instead makes me feel worse because she sounded terrible. I don’t know who’s worse- her or Josh? Maybe a trip to a trendy place like Busboy and Poets might cheer her up? Not really- she sees the lovely Alyssa Suede on stage and you can read the jealousy in her eyes. Later on Callie’s photography is featured on the front page of The

Everybody is happy about Callie's photo... except Erika

Washington Blade and everybody looks happy…except Erika.

Everybody is working hard and earning success, while Erika appears to be working not as hard (or at all) yet failing to gain anything from it.

Things are heading towards an early exit as Erika considers going back home where she can truly be happy and do what she wants (wait what is it that she can’t do here in DC to make her happy? She’s done nothing but moped and cried.) Callie doesn’t take this news well and amongst a heated discussion blurts out, “No one is scripting us, no one is telling us what to do!”

Um Callie… YOU ARE ON THE REAL WORLD. You life right now is far from unscripted.

So is Erika bound to leave? Probably. Are we going to care? I hope you don’t because I don’t.

Memorable Quotes

More on Andrew’s type of girl: “She has so many problems and I love girls with problems.”

Andrew’s true talent: “I’m good for multiple orgasms, its my lot in life.”

One Up


The more I talk to others about this show the more we can all agree on one thing: Callie is the most normal person in the house. She doesn’t get into trouble and she listens a lot. She did a lot of that this episode.

One Down


Move out already- I’m tired of your whining- I’m glad Ashley kept her mouth closed this episode or else I’d have her down here too.

Hey I Know That Place!

RFK Stadium: Home of DC United and the Eagle Bank Bowl

Sweetgreen: Still haven’t eaten a salad there.

Bodega: You know this had to be a big date for Andrew- he didn’t take her to Buca.

Busboys and Poets: Some people love it, some people hate it I don’t mind going there with my netbook for all day blogging sessions.

Final Word

I really don’t have a final word for today- but I will repeat what I said earlier: Andrea is really hot.

I Just Made The Biggest Impulse Buy Of My Life: Conan O’Brien Is Coming To DC

I was in the middle of writing today’s Real World DC post when I got an urgent call on my phone. It was my co-worker Clarence who had very important news.

Conan O’Brien is coming to town- and the entire office already bought tickets.

At 10 AM today tickets went on sale for Conan O’Brien’s 30-city tour, “The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television Tour.” Sidekick Andy Richter and the former Tonight Show band will join O’Brien for what he calls “a night of music, comedy, hugging and the occasional awkward silence.”

While the entire event has spread like wildfire on Twitter- I haven’t heard about it until today, probably because it wasn’t announced til today. Way to pull a fast one on us Conan. It’s not like he needed any publicity ahead of time, his profile has never been higher and I think this is a great move for him since he is legally obligated to stay off the air. He has a lot of free time. He’s already taken to Twitter to pass the time and decided to follow one lucky girl.

So upon hearing that on June 8th he will be at DAR Constitution Hall I did what any normal person would do- dropped everything and bought two tickets.

Tickets are available via Ticketmaster. Get yours today- I just did.

Full Kee The Darling Of Chinatown?

I’m not from the most culturally diverse place.

Despite this however sometimes I’m surprised at the selection of eateries in Washington D.C.’s “Chinatown.” I find it funny that I can find numerous Mexican, steakhouse, and fast food cuisine- with an Asian restaurant mixed in the mis-matched bunch. Chinatown back in my hometown of Boston blows DC’s version out of the water.

Granted there are some Asian touches that I suppose makes Chinatown a Chinatown: Asian lettering on the Ruby Tuesday’s, shady “trading company” stores where my friend Adam can buy herbal remedies made out of bee venom and tiger balm, and I suppose that big ol’ arch also effectively marks the neighborhood as Chinatown-like. Still I’m not too experienced when it comes to eating Chinese food in Chinatown.

So when I found myself in Chinatown after the Georgetown game this past Saturday, my friend Adam and I decided to actually find a Chinese food restaurant to have some lunch. After consulting Yelp we settled on Full Kee, who’s reviews were more polarizing than Avatar. We knew we were going to eat at the best, or the worst restaurant in Chinatown. It was a risk I was ready to take for my friend, and my loyal readers.

We were lucky to grab a table before the post-game rush came through the door. The cozy little place isn’t very pretty, but most restaurants in a Chinatown type district aren’t. The place fit the typical Chinatown image- complete with a butcher at the front window chopping up ducks.

While we ordered and waited for our meals my friend Wendi stopped in, hoping to get lunch before a Chinatown bus ride. She told me Full Kee was her favorite place and that we made a great choice. Her opinion was backed up by the long line that had already formed out the door.

The food was everything I expected out of a Chinese food restaurant: the chicken was covered in some sort of brown sauce, the duck was crispy, and the whole meal was certainly fat and greasy. It certainly wasn’t bad but I may need a repeat visit to decide if it is particularly good.

What do you think? Is Full Kee the best Chinatown has to offer or is there another place I should try?

Full Kee
509 H St NW
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 371-2233

The Census Is Coming!

I like to consider myself the head of my household.

Even though I live with two very beautiful roommates, I take charge of utilities and dealing with the landlord- so when I saw a letter addressed to the “The Resident At,” I grabbed it and opened it up to see it was a lovely letter from the U.S. Census Bureau. The letter was warning me that the 2010 Census form will soon be coming my way in about a week. It was short, to the point and had instructions for reaching the 2010 Census website in many languages.

I could go visit the site and play with the 2000 Census map to see how my neighborhood did the last time this happened (Arlington had 72% participation in 2000) or learn why it’s actually important, but I was too lazy to do all that work- so I asked my high school friend Mike. He moved down here a couple of years ago to get a job working for the… you guessed it, Census Bureau.

His three things you should know about this year’s Census:

  1. More than 400 billion dollars in federal funds are allocated every year based on census population data.
  2. It’s quick and easy- 10 minutes, 10 questions.
  3. For every 1% increase in the participation rate, it saves the federal government 90 million dollars in taxpayers dollars.

That last point was interesting, when I asked him about saving money he explained that those that don’t fill out the form can expect a knock on the door, from a Census enumerator looking for the info. It costs $25  for the government to send an enumerator out to count a person, while it only costs the government $.42 to buy a stamp when you send the form back in the pre-paid envelope after you’ve answered the questions.

What kind of questions will be on the form? Mike told me you can check it out online which I did and it’s pretty basic stuff- nothing too revealing just stuff about who lives there. I mean a Census is just about counting people right?

Well thanks to my pal Mike I’m all briefed and ready to fill out that bad boy when it comes in the mail- will you be?


DC Video: Funny or Die’s Presidential Reunion

It’s the mother of all Presential impressions in Funny of Die‘s latest video. An true all-star cast of SNL alumni come together to reprise their past roles lampooning the Presidents of the United States. Amongst some of more current impressions (Fred Armisen as President Obama, Will Farrell as President G.W. Bush, and Darrell Hammond as President Clinton) are some classic blasts from the past (Dana Carvey as President George H.W. Bush, Dan Aykroyd as Jimmy Carter, Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford.) One notable absence is Phil Hartman as Ronald Reagan, but Jim Carrey steps in and gives a wonderful performance.

All these comedic greats come together for Main Street Brigade‘s effort for a formation of a Consumer Financial Protection Agency which is a bill in congress.

Regardless of the political message the video is hilarious- check it out:

Click the photo to view the video!

Real World DC: Episode 10 Breakdown

I'll call 911 right after I bitch out Ty

I should of expected a letdown.

When I said that an episode is the best ever– I am also saying that no other episode could top it. And just like Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, this week’s episode was a minor disappointment compared to last week’s action.

What made last week’s episode so epic?

  • Andrew trying to  hit on women to varying results
  • Watching Josh creep up on girls and continue to think it’s ok to cheat on his girlfriend with Kelly Ann Collins
  • Fighting between Ty and Emily reaching a good balance of drama where it’s not overwhelming but provides another level of complexity in the storylines
  • Cliffhanger ending

What did we get last night?

  • A storyline dominated by the cliffhanger to the point where it quickly overstayed it’s welcome
  • Ty and Emily reaching new levels of annoyance

That’s about it.

Drama In DC

Andrew Suffers From Acute Reality Star Syndrome

The neck collar was a nice touch for someone that was diagnosed with alochol poisoning.

So is Andrew ok? Is Ty going to get kicked out of the house? What happened between Andrew an Ty? So many questions left after last week’s ending, but the show does do a good job in tying up almost all the loose ends.

It appears that there’s no fear of major injury with Andrew since everybody was drunk nonchalant about the situation. While it was reliving to see that Andrew got back up and was able to move all his extremities, Callie does bring up a good point that there’s a risk of a concussion. However we do know that his mind is somewhat in good shape- he doesn’t stop dropping the lines for one moment. So the 911 call is made and DCFD are quickly on the scene. The first responders decide to play it safe and take him to the hospital where he is diagnosed with acute alcohol poisoning-  isn’t that fancy speak with getting really really drunk? I mean what reality show doesn’t end up getting really drunk on TV? In fact you could probably say that being on The Real World DC is a risk factor for acute alcohol poisoning.

At least he was wheeled away with some mementos (which Andrew thinks will get him chicks.) Sorry to tell you Andrew, but chicks don’t dig neck collars like they dig scars.

Oh and for those wondering what really happened between Ty and Andrew that caused the fight can listen to Elizabethany’s The Real Worl DC As We Saw It Podcast for the answers.

Ty Is Still A Dick, Emily Still Hates Him

Ty and Emily fight, house watches- been there, done that.

While Andrew was still himself during the whole ordeal after the fall, so was Ty. The house was quick to turn against him as he was still acting like a jerk while Andrew was being cared to. At the house meeting after the incident the roommates turn against Ty and his “aggressiveness” and blame his drinking. I blame the fact that Ty was simply fulfilling his role as the token angry black guy on the show. I don’t knwo what he didn’t play that card. Nevertheless, under the pressure of the roommates he agrees to never drink again.

Really? There was no way that was going to happen.

And of course it doesn’t, and Ty starts to drink again and talks to the boys about it, who agree that perhaps a no-drinking punishment was a bit too harsh. I agree, the root of the problem is that Ty is just an aggressive, angry person- and we’ve see him like this when he’s drunk or not. What the roommates should of said (or what Ty should of agreed to) was to try an control his temper- and not put him into a position where he is likely to fail. Of course Emily becomes the head referee and is quick to call for his head because he is still drinking, yet still in control.

The rest of the house has also mellowed out on their edict- leaving Emily the sole protester. This is where she got way too annoying for me.

The last scene at the end where she almost has a nervous breakdown at Ty convinced me that this is indeed about more than his drinking. This incident was Emily’s excuse to get one up on him, to get a sense of control.

I hate that. Just as much as Emily hates Ty.

My message to Emily: chill out, I know things aren’t going to work between you and Ty but why become a pariah over the issue? Bottom line is that I can only take so much for Ty, Emily drama and it appeared that Emily was perpetuating it more at the end than Ty, so she leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Memorable Quotes

Expert medical analysis from Josh: “They discharged him because he’s hydrated and not so intoxicated.”

One Up


Besides her freak-out when Ty called him fat, she’s clearly the most normal person in the house. Mike is there too but he’s got that whole sexual confusion deal going on.

One Down


I want to put Ty down here but Emily’s freak-out at the end actually raised my stock in Ty (but not by much.) That’s how annoying she got- I actually started to feel bad for Ty.

Hey I Know That Place!

Kettler Capitals Iceplex: Located in my hood of Arlington, VA; it is the home of the offices of the Washington Capitals where Ty recieves an internship.

Capitol Skyline Hotel: Need a pool? Need a party? They got both.

Garrett’s: Real World tested, MTV approved (which means they probably can’t go anywhere else on M street besides Rhino and Garrett’s.)

Final Word

What else happened on this episode? We meet Andrew’s brother. You can tell that Andrew’s not playing it up- his entire family is just weird.

That family has great fashion.

In The News: Buried Dog Turns Out To Be Balloon

I give the Washington Post credit for occasionally posting lighter stories going on around the DC area- like this one that caught my eye:

A resident reported that a white dog appeared to be stuck in heavy snow in a yard; it had not moved in some time, and the caller feared for the animal’s safety. An officer entered the yard and discovered that the “dog” was a metalized nylon balloon with the face of a white dog on it. The balloon had become lodged in the snow.

At least the resident meant well.

Photo courtesy Flickr user Rafael Robayna

Sports Guy Bill Simmons Finally Warms Up To Real World DC

As you know I am a fan of ESPN’s Bill Simmons and the B.S. Report podcast. Part of the excitement of covering the Real World DC this year was feeling included on Simmon’s podcasts on reality TV that he often does with Dave Jacoby, a fellow ESPN producer. Early on the season things looked bleak as Simmons considered the cast of this year’s season too young- struggling to get into the latest chapter of the granddaddy of all reality TV. However last week’s episode did enough not only to rekindle Simmons’ interest in the season, but to call up Jacoby to do an “emergency podcast” in order to dish about the episode. Here are the bullet points of the 2/26 podcast:

  • Jaocby compares The Real World DC to the 2009 New York Jets season: lacking until last week’s turning point.
  • Is there a theme of male vs. female relations?
  • Emily is described as, “tough on the outside, hollow on the inside”
  • The two watched Ty throw Andrew off the porch, “700-800 times” in order to get it straight
  • Ty has a charm with women similar to Mike Tyson
  • The cameramen never seem to get the best shots on reality TV- just the surveillance cameras
  • The two would love to see a show just of surveillance footage of convenience store hold-ups
  • Is there a conspiracy that MTV is holding out on some of the footage?
  • Josh really can’t sing (and I totally agree)
  • They love Callie, the kind of girl that’s pretty but has no self esteem and loves to drunk dial guys
  • Emily will dominate the RW/RR challenges

You can listen to the podcast over at the ESPN Podcenter Archives.

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