Real World DC: Episode 10 Breakdown

I'll call 911 right after I bitch out Ty

I should of expected a letdown.

When I said that an episode is the best ever– I am also saying that no other episode could top it. And just like Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, this week’s episode was a minor disappointment compared to last week’s action.

What made last week’s episode so epic?

  • Andrew trying to  hit on women to varying results
  • Watching Josh creep up on girls and continue to think it’s ok to cheat on his girlfriend with Kelly Ann Collins
  • Fighting between Ty and Emily reaching a good balance of drama where it’s not overwhelming but provides another level of complexity in the storylines
  • Cliffhanger ending

What did we get last night?

  • A storyline dominated by the cliffhanger to the point where it quickly overstayed it’s welcome
  • Ty and Emily reaching new levels of annoyance

That’s about it.

Drama In DC

Andrew Suffers From Acute Reality Star Syndrome

The neck collar was a nice touch for someone that was diagnosed with alochol poisoning.

So is Andrew ok? Is Ty going to get kicked out of the house? What happened between Andrew an Ty? So many questions left after last week’s ending, but the show does do a good job in tying up almost all the loose ends.

It appears that there’s no fear of major injury with Andrew since everybody was drunk nonchalant about the situation. While it was reliving to see that Andrew got back up and was able to move all his extremities, Callie does bring up a good point that there’s a risk of a concussion. However we do know that his mind is somewhat in good shape- he doesn’t stop dropping the lines for one moment. So the 911 call is made and DCFD are quickly on the scene. The first responders decide to play it safe and take him to the hospital where he is diagnosed with acute alcohol poisoning-  isn’t that fancy speak with getting really really drunk? I mean what reality show doesn’t end up getting really drunk on TV? In fact you could probably say that being on The Real World DC is a risk factor for acute alcohol poisoning.

At least he was wheeled away with some mementos (which Andrew thinks will get him chicks.) Sorry to tell you Andrew, but chicks don’t dig neck collars like they dig scars.

Oh and for those wondering what really happened between Ty and Andrew that caused the fight can listen to Elizabethany’s The Real Worl DC As We Saw It Podcast for the answers.

Ty Is Still A Dick, Emily Still Hates Him

Ty and Emily fight, house watches- been there, done that.

While Andrew was still himself during the whole ordeal after the fall, so was Ty. The house was quick to turn against him as he was still acting like a jerk while Andrew was being cared to. At the house meeting after the incident the roommates turn against Ty and his “aggressiveness” and blame his drinking. I blame the fact that Ty was simply fulfilling his role as the token angry black guy on the show. I don’t knwo what he didn’t play that card. Nevertheless, under the pressure of the roommates he agrees to never drink again.

Really? There was no way that was going to happen.

And of course it doesn’t, and Ty starts to drink again and talks to the boys about it, who agree that perhaps a no-drinking punishment was a bit too harsh. I agree, the root of the problem is that Ty is just an aggressive, angry person- and we’ve see him like this when he’s drunk or not. What the roommates should of said (or what Ty should of agreed to) was to try an control his temper- and not put him into a position where he is likely to fail. Of course Emily becomes the head referee and is quick to call for his head because he is still drinking, yet still in control.

The rest of the house has also mellowed out on their edict- leaving Emily the sole protester. This is where she got way too annoying for me.

The last scene at the end where she almost has a nervous breakdown at Ty convinced me that this is indeed about more than his drinking. This incident was Emily’s excuse to get one up on him, to get a sense of control.

I hate that. Just as much as Emily hates Ty.

My message to Emily: chill out, I know things aren’t going to work between you and Ty but why become a pariah over the issue? Bottom line is that I can only take so much for Ty, Emily drama and it appeared that Emily was perpetuating it more at the end than Ty, so she leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Memorable Quotes

Expert medical analysis from Josh: “They discharged him because he’s hydrated and not so intoxicated.”

One Up


Besides her freak-out when Ty called him fat, she’s clearly the most normal person in the house. Mike is there too but he’s got that whole sexual confusion deal going on.

One Down


I want to put Ty down here but Emily’s freak-out at the end actually raised my stock in Ty (but not by much.) That’s how annoying she got- I actually started to feel bad for Ty.

Hey I Know That Place!

Kettler Capitals Iceplex: Located in my hood of Arlington, VA; it is the home of the offices of the Washington Capitals where Ty recieves an internship.

Capitol Skyline Hotel: Need a pool? Need a party? They got both.

Garrett’s: Real World tested, MTV approved (which means they probably can’t go anywhere else on M street besides Rhino and Garrett’s.)

Final Word

What else happened on this episode? We meet Andrew’s brother. You can tell that Andrew’s not playing it up- his entire family is just weird.

That family has great fashion.

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  1. Dazey2 (unregistered) on March 8th, 2010 @ 11:51 am

    I am so sick of the banter between Ty and Emily. I honestly thought the best part of this episode was seeing Ty actually do good for once with his coveted internship with the Caps. (Soooo jealous!) It was also pretty amazing getting to see Ty’s lack of ice skating skills. Way to make Ty lose his “tough guy” look. Pretty entertaining, indeed, and I hope more is shown about his internship.

    Go CAPS!

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