Real World DC: Episode 9 Breakdown

Best Episode Ever.

Ya I went there- I’ll go ahead and say it. Last night’s episode had everything I would be remotely interested in when it comes to The Real World: girls, drunken behavior, and more girls. The fights and drama? It was present and did enough to make things interesting, but not overbearing- like the perfect pinch of salt.

If the rest of the season holds up to this standard I may half enjoy watching it.

Drama In DC

Push Comes To Shove For Emily And Ty

The honeymoon is over

So the showmance between the two have cooled- does that mean they will be able to live as roommates amicably? Hell no.

Ty decides to constantly push Emily’s buttons through physical and verbal teasing, once again proving that the two are pretty much married. Even when they “aren’t together” they fight- the tension is so thick you would half expect them to stare each other down before a violet orgy of make-up sex. In some sort of drunken interpretation of The Bro Code, Ty stands his ground when Emily wants to break up yet another instance of Josh cheating on his girl (more on that later.) Emily is visibly shaken when the drunk Ty pushes her around.

Judgment? Well Ty is fully embracing his angry man role on the show. He’s not getting what he wants so he’s going to take it out by getting drunk and angry. The once cool and confident Ty has been replaced by a whiny, tantrum-prone baby. Ty’s angry black man-ness comes to a head when he throws Andrew off the front porch at the end of the show. Will Andrew be alright? Oh no, “to be continued!”

Will Emily and Ty be alright?I’m not holding my breath.

Pimpin’ Panda Finally Gets Laid

Watch out: this beast has been unleashed

The show finally gets back to Andrew’s quest to get laid. He tries his hand at a women that he describes as similar to Erika because she has lots of ink. Then she meets the one… as in the one that will finally sleep with Andrew. You can tell the lady is a true DCist, she gives him her business card before she walks out the door. With a new found sense of pride, Andrew does what any guy would do: go on a ladies blitz of man-whore like levels.

The girl up? Emily. Not not roommate Emily, I’m talking about a girl he met at Rhino Bar. He seals the deal to the dismay of his roommates who would like to see him settle down and date one girl, not “love them all” as Andrew says. Well Andrew does decide to do a little romancing and asks Emily out on a date. The date didn’t really start off on the right foot (Emily admits she considered standing him up) and never really got off the ground (Andrew: she was blabbing about something.)

So that’s 2 for ladies he’s slept with and 0 on dates that have led to second dates.

Josh Does His Best Tiger Woods Impression

Aw man if I was only hot I could have all the ladies line-up for me and my friends.

Remember that time Josh cheated on Ashley with Kelly Ann Collins? You would think that after my blog helped her catch his infidelity he would be more careful.

You were wrong. the beast is out of the cage now and it is all over Washington, DC.

After bringing home yet another girl to hook-up with, Ashley makes a late night phone call that Josh takes with another lady in his bed. On that call he claims that he’ll,  “try and be faithful for the rest of my time.” Of course it’s all B.S. Just like the excuses he makes to her that he can’t help himself. In his defense, it’s not like his own mom is helping him, she tells him to forget about your girlfriend down there. Good to see it all runs in the family. Don’t worry Mrs. Conlon Josh should be making you proud as he and all the other boys in the house are making out with girls up against the walls of Rhino Bar.

We also see two of Josh’s women return back into his life. Ashley visits him and pretty much plays out the same way it did last time:

1. Cuddle/hook-up in bed

2. Ashley says how much she loves Josh

The old home wrecker is back!

3. Ashley leaves

4. Josh cheats on her with Kelly Ann Collins

That’s pretty much what happened except this time Ashley dyed her hair back to brown. Also does Josh feel a bit of guilt that he likes the woman Erika describes as “old” and “a home wrecker?” Possibly- he decides to break up with her after Kelly Ann’s return visit.

By the way KAC isn’t too insulted by Erika’s comments according to Twitter.

Memorable Quotes

Josh’s is allowed to cause drama: “James Bond got a license to kill, rock stars have a license to be outrageous.”

Andrew reaffirming previous stated qualities in women: “I like em young, blond, and ditzy.”

If Andrew was a superhero: “It’s hard when you are this good looking- girls just beg to just come back to sleep with you: it’s your curse, your power, your responsibility.”

The best RWDC house guest quote ever:

Emily (from the bar): “Guys I’m not going to be in the hot tub – I refuse to be one of those girls.”

Chelsea: “It’s too late dude.”

One Up


I was considering making him my down this week but I’ve come to realize that the show is more enjoyable with him causing trouble on it.

One Down


Throwing Andrew off the balcony? Not cool, even if half of America wanted to do it after episode 1.

Hey I Know That Place!

Third Edition: I’ve never been but I hear it’s kinda snobby.

Rhino Bar: Where you show up and make-out with women up against the wall. Also how many times can they show this place in one episode?

Kid Power: Where Emily goes to interview for an internship- located in Chinatown.

Buca di Beppo: The official date restaurant of The Real World: Washington D.C.

Edmund Burke School: Where Emily teaches poetry and where people underestimate kids all the time (but not really since Edmund Burke is a co-ed independent school- if it was a DC public school then maybe.)

Final Word

Look I understand Emily that you are teaching poetry but really with the snapping? Where are we,  in a 1995 coffee house?

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  1. S. B. (unregistered) on February 25th, 2010 @ 8:07 pm

    Bahaha. The girl Andrew had sex with went to my high school! She was such a bitch in high school and now her life is fuckeddd. And it gets better! Her mom is on the administrative staff at our tiny 1200 student Catholic high school!

  2. KAC (unregistered) on February 26th, 2010 @ 5:44 am

    The producers jump around a lot with the footage. It is not in order. (We had been hanging out for a month when this episode ran.) And, for the record, he did break up with her (and I didn’t know he ever had a GF at this point). So, please keep that in mind. And, finally, we didn’t have sex in that episode — they just made it look like that. Notice that I am fully clothed. Thanks.;-)

  3. KAC (unregistered) on February 26th, 2010 @ 5:45 am

    Hey I Know That Place! Tattoo Bar was also in there! :-)

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  7. Randy (unregistered) on March 5th, 2010 @ 2:40 am

    I think Emily at DC Real World is an overbearing bitch. She needs to chill her ass out. From day one she thought her opinion was the only one. You suck Emily

  8. realunderworld (unregistered) on March 21st, 2010 @ 3:14 am

    after watching the real world washington series and hearing about ericas background, i finally figured out who she resembles..CASEY ANTHONY…she talks like her,,everything has to be about her,,she evn resembles not saying shes a murderer but CASEY sure would lie about having cancer too.

  9. realunderworld on March 21st, 2010 @ 3:15 am

    does any1 else think that erica on real world washington resembles CASEY ANTHONY?

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