Real World DC: Episode 3 Breakdown

You can easily breakdown last night’s episodes into two easy-to-digest plot lines/life lessons:

  1. Sometimes you shouldn’t date/hook-up with someone that’s too much like you.
  2. Never ever, EVER call a woman fat.

Two easy to remember lessons to remember as we walk away from the third episode of The Real World DC.

Drama In DC

Ty And Emily Are Mr. & Mrs.Smith

Emily and Ty Love To Hate Each Other

Emily and Ty Love To Hate Each Other

So Ty and Emily both enjoy sex, being confident yet insecure, and macho. It’s just a recipe for disaster as the two try to find some sort of official arrangement after “cuddle buddy night.”

After hooking up with Emily, Ty tries to feel some sort of remorse because he promised himself he wouldn’t hook-up with anyone while on the show. Really? It’s the Real World! What’s more real than using your temporary fame to score some chicks? At least Andrew was openly honest with his intentions. Ty becomes boringly vulnerable as he decides he should tell his ex-girlfriend about the hook-up, because ex-girlfriends love nothing more than to hear who you are currently sleeping with.

Ty’s vulnerability hits a drama-queen high when he decides to pour his heart out while the cast is out dancing. Blame it on the alcohol perhaps- but I see through you Ty and so does Emily. She is right on the money when she observes that Ty simply wants every girl to want him. His move to try and guilt Emily away from dancing with “other black guys” is weak and just shows how controlling you are.

Oh no cue the angry black man arch-type.

After the night out the two continue to bicker in front of the rest of the a cast, making me wonder how many episodes will revolve around those two and how much more can I stand it. Since Emily and Ty are so macho and tough, Emily feels the need to demonstrate her toughness by not punching like a girl and spitting in Ty’s face.

And The Party Just Took A Turn For The Worse...

And The Party Just Took A Turn For The Worse...

Cue angry black guy/creepy moment #2 (remember #1 was the most memorable, “You will have sex with me” line.)

Ty throws Emily up against the wall hold her hands above her. This is either going to get very kinky or end with a Ty and Emily PSA saying how domestic violence is wrong.

Luckily the moment defused before Ty could become a total asshole. Unfortunately he is already an 80% asshole 20% tool in my eyes. In confessional he acknowledges that you can’t hit a girl- which means he’s a step above certain people on other MTV shows.

So will Emily and Ty continue to bicker and hook-up? Probably. That’s real.

Never Ever Call A Woman Fat

While the cast wasn’t busy watching Emily and Ty fight and hook-up they were talking amongst themselves about body image, and how everybody is insecure about their bodies. MTV makes a fair attempts to approach an issue that doesn’t revolve bars and hot tubs. However when eight beautiful strangers complains about their bodies you can’t help but realize their good looks got them on the show as much as their penchant for crying, yelling, and making-out.

Josh does make a very good point: that girls are sensitive about their bodies. It’s something that all guys should know and respect but unfortunately some guys don’t.

Like Ty.

Does This Pen Make Me Look Fat?

Does This Pen Make Me Look Fat?

In a discussion about Playboy models, Ty makes the observation about Callie not being skinny enough for Playboy. Clearly upset, Callie goes outside and all the girls rally around her in a conversation worthy of The View.

I will say this, having met Callie and seeing her on the show- she’s is absolutely gorgeous, and she would be just my type. Ty thinks he’s being a realist by saying only skinny people make magazine covers. He’s actually wrong- being skinny may get you on covers but being famous helps out as well- I’ll be seeing you on the cover of Baltimore Weekly before your reality show fame dies out.

So how does the MTV wrap up this storyline? By dancing it out.

After a forced apology from Ty, the girls head on over to a dance studio for a Latin Dance class. Something else I’ve learned about girls from Dane Cook- sometimes they just want to dance. Boys? Well fuck boys.

Memorable Quotes

Possible reason Ashley may take up cock-blocking: “I love how we’re sexually frustrated but you’re not.”

Two Up


So far the season has been dominated by Andrew, Emily, and Ty- and their antics have ranged from entertaining to annoying. I will give Erika some props this week for getting some more face time on camera without causing drama… yet.


A few people out there are begging for more Josh and he didn’t get a whole lot of face-time in this episode, but I’ll appreciate the knowledge he dropped concerning women and self image.

Two Down


You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Stop trying to control a girl who’s clearly too much like you: a player. You lose points with me for your weak attempt to be vulnerable in a bar and for pulling the asshole move of calling Callie fat. Oh ya screaming, “look at me bitch!” doesn’t work either.


I have to include her here because when she gets together with Ty it becomes this Heidi/Spencer- like mess that sucks the attention from other cast members and us viewers. We get it, you want to be free… and that you love black guys. You go you rebel you.

Look I Know That Place!

Sweetgreen: Local DC salad chain, unlike Callie I’m not a vegan- so I haven’t been there.

Washington Sports Club: The gym where the cast works out during their summer here, I love how their walk back from the gym often takes them by  Royal Palace, a place I’ll never forget.

The White House: How do you know you are living in Washington DC? When you get lost and somehow end up at the White House. Callie goes for a long run and got lost and is seen running up to the White House trying to find her way back. The same thing actually happened to me on my first day of work.

Lauriol Plaza: I’ve been dying to go there and try their margaritas- best in town I hear.

Flow Yoga Center: When Emily says, “I discovered this great dance class” I wonder if she meant, “the Producers found and signed-off on this great dance class to end our storyline on body image.”

Final Word

Melodramatic line of the week:

Emily: Did we break anything last night?

Ashley: Only each other.

Thank goodness for Obama graffiti, remember because the show takes place here in DC, Obama’s likeness needs to make an appearance once every 15 seconds.

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  1. Mike (unregistered) on January 14th, 2010 @ 7:10 pm

    You know, I have not seen an episode since the San Francisco one…oh so many years ago. Puck kinda bugged me. lol.
    However, the show does have a popularity to it. I just can never seem to find it when I have the time to sit and watch.

  2. DCBlogs » DC Blogs Noted (pingback) on January 14th, 2010 @ 11:02 pm

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  3. Britt (unregistered) on January 25th, 2010 @ 3:14 pm

    Black men will take anything from white women. That is why I love playing them. It’s like taken candy from a baby.

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