Felonious Capers: Arenas Charged

Funny thing about bringing guns across a State/District line-it’s a felony. 

Already suspended by the NBA, and the subject of an attempted disappearing act by the Wizards, Gilbert Arenas has been charged with felony gun possession-carrying a pistol w/o a license. 

The really bad news is that this almost certainly ends Arenas’ year of playing, and probably ends his time as a Wizard.   One has to imagine that once the Wizards get new management and the lawyers get a good look at this they’ll find good cause to tear up what remains the absolute worst $111 million dollar contract ever signed. 

Thankfully, the good news (although still speculation) is that although this charge can get you 5 in the nick, but the charges are being filed in an “information”-which likely means that a plea deal is being worked out.  Personally, I believe Gilbert that the bringing of the guns (and even the waving them in the face of teammates) was without malicious intent and likely in jest-which of course doesn’t excuse the law, but hopefully mitigates the situation enough that he won’t go to jail.

Frankly-this isn’t a huge surprise.  There hasn’t been any effort by Arenas to hide the fact that he did have the guns and so the hammer was going to fall.  If he hadn’t acted like a complete dope the past two weeks, it might have dropped lighter and quieter-heck, he might even still be playing.  Alas, we are well beyond that point.

Any shocking fallout will be updated here.  On another note, enough of these negative, tumultuous sports teams in DC!  I’m going to look into a few Caps posts.

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