Happy New Y-OH CRAP. Gilbert’s Got a Gun…


Welcome back DC Sports fans and Happy New Year!  Surely, like me, you all thought we could get through the weekend (or at least until the ‘Skins v Chargers game) before we felt collectively disappointed in a professional athlete that plays for a Washington area sports team.  And yet, we have our very own Agent Zero to thank for the first blog worthy headline of the new year (and decade). 

It appears that Arenas pulled a gun on a fella named Jevaris Crittenden (you can tell how much of the Wiz I’ve seen this year) in the locker room on Christmas Eve.     The dispute (based on a variety of sources) was over money owed resulting from a card game played on the team plane the night before (That’s Christmas Eve Eve).    Funny, I would have thought Gilbert “I’m getting paid $111 million” Arenas to not need to brandish a gun to get paid-but clearly I don’t understand basketball the way he does.  I suppose it was a good thing that Crittenden is alleged to have pulled a gun in the locker room as well-you know, to defend himself…or start a fire fight, who knows? 

Side Notes

* I can’t sneak a can of Coke into the Verizon Center.  How are these guys bringing guns in? 

* Sources all seem to agree the guns were not loaded-which any Washingtonian could have told you because there hasn’t been a Bullet in the Verizon Center since 1997. (ba-dum bum).

* The NBA and the Wizards are both taking the matter seriously and have no further comment.  Thankfully, Gilbert Arenas is neither taking the matter too seriously or keeping quiet.  Follow his twitter for more.

* The one thing that no one seems to be speculating on is whether Arenas will face discipline and how that may/may not affect the team.  Of course at 10-20, even if he is the best player on the team, it seems a foregone conclusion that the Wizards could only be so hurt on the court without him. 

Here’s to the fresh start of 2010 sports fans!

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  1. Ajw93 (unregistered) on January 2nd, 2010 @ 12:27 pm

    There I was, innocently watching Bowl games, when the bottom line threw out a cryptic, Twitter-like headline about this. V distracting!!

    Thanks for the info. Abe must be saying, “see? THAT’S why I changed the name!”

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