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DC Video: Sneak Peak At Episode 1 Of The Real World DC

My friends at MTV shared with me this short clip from the upcoming premiere of The Real World DC. In it cast members welcome Callie with a pretty lame attempt to fool her that she walked up to the wrong house.

Guys I don’t think that’s going to work when she clearly sees the cameramen in the house.

The clips also reveals some early tensions in their political views as Callie reveals her favorite President, but claims to still be “to be like in between.”


Stay tuned to Metblogs all year round for more sneak peeks at the Real World DC!

And Now…DC Street Cars

Hey did you hear about those people who crashed the White House?  Oh…you did? 

Well in that case, I present something completely different.  Youtube videos of old street cars in the DC area.  A friend tweeted one of these the other day, and I then when on a bit of a hunt to find a few. I figure we’ve been hearing the same three stories in the news for the last two weeks, why not just take a break and look at something old and cool?

I think a few running street cars would be cool in the city, and I hope that the project the city is working on now is successful.

May this entertain you for at least some of the last few hours you are stuck in the office.  Note, The link is in the title and then the video should be posted below it (but the link is there just in case).  Also, some of the music/soundtrack is a bit lame-not taking blame for that.

14th Street (Early 50’s)

More after the Jump (more…)

Tai Shan to Leave DC

This morning the National Zoo announced the sad news that Tai Shan, DC’s beloved baby Giant Panda, will be returned to China early next year.  Most in DC have loved the little guy since before he was even born.  We helped to name him (remember?  Tai Shan, meaning “Peaceful Mountain,” was chosen — “Butterstick” wasn’t a choice), and have thoroughly enjoyed cooing and awww-ing at his antics for the past four years.  He certainly learned early on how to please a crowd!  It’s always great to watch him react to crowds reacting to him.  The Zoo has, let’s face it, made quite a bit of dough out of this love affair, but they’ve also done a lot to make them more accessible and give them a better habitat to live in.

Now that winter’s coming on, the pandas’ activity level will be increasing (please let it snow!  they’re supercharged-adorable in the snow!) — and “early next year” is only a few short weeks away — so it’s a great time to squeeze in one last visit.

Tai Shan and Mei Xiang, 2006 (courtesy Bernardo Piereck)

Tai Shan and Mei Xiang, 2006 (courtesy Bernardo Piereck)

We love you, Tai Shan, and we’ll miss you!

Now, Tian Tian, Mei Xiang, let’s get busy working on another baby before you have to move back to China too!

College Hoops: GWU v GMU-Finally a Local Rivalry!


In 2006, college basketbal in DC was really good.  Georgetown made an elite eight, Maryland was its usual decent-to-good self, and little George Washington was running the A-10 on the way to a one loss regular season, and 26-2 overall after bowing out of the A10 tournament early.  The buzz around this GW team was insane-no one could tell how good they were.  They had been ranked in the top 10 at one point but had, admittedly, not beaten anyone out of conference worth noting.  They went on to win one game against UNC-Wilmington, before being served up to Duke in the second round in front of a “neutral” crowd in…well…North Carolina.

The “George” everyone took note of that year, however, was George Mason.   From the moment Phil’s Mom picked them in Mr. Tony’s celebrity bracket, right through beating North Carolina and UConn to get to the Final Four, Mason was the heartfelt-feel good pick of the year.  Especially in DC. 

After that-both teams pretty much didn’t do anything and American has been the biggest story with a couple of “almost wins” over Villanova and Tenn.  Mason has gone back to its role of decent CAA team, and GW just about drowned in two fairly awful seasons. 

Both teams this year do have a little something to talk about.  Mason is sitting at 3-3 , playing a lot of big programs and GWU is 4-1 with a few big wins over admittedly weak teams, and the POTUS in attendance for their one loss.

So what do two used-ta-be teams do now that the lime light is over?  Well they sell their B-list college hoop celebrity status to the fullest with a grudge match.  Behold    Yes the “Battle of the Orange Line” is underway, and there are a few tickets left for tonight’s game at the Smith Center in Foggy Bottom.  Glad to see the GW is at least trying to make this a rivalry (even if, you know…it isn’t.  Yet.)

I, for one, am behind this move and hope that this becomes a full blown rivalry.  College hoops is a strange beast that prevents a lot of would be match-ups from happening.  Teams with a pedigree like Georgetown and U-MD are loathe to play the likes of Mason and GWU because they occupy that dangerous middle ground:  Not cupcakey enough to be an easy win, but not big enough to make any statement should they win.  So as much as I would have liked to see Mason/GWU/American vs. UMD/Georgetown that isn’t going to happen. 

Cultivating these relationships though, between two teams that are roughly going to be in the same competitive level-well that’s something that (if done properly) will benefit both teams.

It’s actually already getting a little chippy!  Mason blogger over at George Mason Basketball essentially insinuated that GWU was only good because it could no longer recruit from fake high schools (called “diploma mills“) that manufacture degrees for students who wanted to play basketball-and there certainly could be some truth to that.  Given that players like Omar Williams and Mo Rice almost certainly did come from these types of schools, it’s a fair assessment.  When GW fans allegedly tried to correct the GMU blogger that fan favorite “Pops” Mensa-Botsu was NOT a diploma-mill product in the comment section (in fact, he went to St. Augustine Prep) those comments (at least according to Andrew at Colonial Hoops-and I don’t have reason to doubt him) were deleted.  Repeatedly. (Again, allegedly.) 

I wonder what these fathers of the Revolution would think of such an information war?  In any event, this can only be good for our local economy and identity as a city.  Hopefully this game will serve as a prototype for other schools to join in the fray and the local DC College Hoops Community will be better served by some intra-area competitive play. 


GW Students Embarks On Charitable Enterprise With Furniture For Good

LogoIt started with a need.

When one of my roommates moved out of my place I was left with a dining room table but no chairs. As much fun as it is to eat dinner on your lap on a couch I had to find some chairs, so I did what anybody would do: I hit up Craigslist.

Surfing the listings I found a few possible chairs, some used Ikea furniture in Columbia Heights, some chairs in Vienna. I then stumbled upon an interesting listing for a set of chairs at a great price. As I read the ad I noticed that it wasn’t being sold by a person but by a company called Furniture For Good. The ad referred me to the website for more info and I followed the link where I read more about the DC based LLC.

Furniture For Good’s mission is to sell used furniture items and portion of the proceeds goes towards feeding the homeless at Martha’s Table. That fact alone instantly sold me on that listing compared to the others I found, so I e-mailed FFG and arranged to pick-up the chairs a few days later. If I was patient enough to wait a bit longer I could of had the chairs delivered (FFG will deliver items bought to most places within the DC metro area.)

The chairs were located at a garage behind Martha’s Table where the rest of FFG’s inventory was held. There I met Andrew Thal, a GW junior who founded of Furniture For Good. As we figured out how to squeeze the chairs into my Toyota Corolla, he told me the story of how he created FFG.

After volunteering at Martha’s Table he discovered that the organization receives a lot of  donated furniture that they couldn’t use- so he came up with a business plan to help sell the furniture. In a GW Hatchet article Thal explains the specifics, “what happens is that the food shelters sell the furniture to me on consignment, which I then sell to the consumers.”

In the end that means a great deal for me and for those less fortunate.

So if you are in need of furniture now or into the New Year, I have to recommend to check out Furniture For Good first- not only is it a great deal on used furniture, you can feel good in knowing your purchase is also helping others in need.

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