Real World DC Cast On Twitter, Jersey Shore, and Tonight’s Premiere

Real World DC cast member Mike Manning in a "No H8" campaign photo

Real World DC cast member Mike Manning in a "No H8" campaign photo

Tonight the story of eight people in Washington, DC finally hits the screen.

I’ve been covering The Real World DC since move-in day, and now after months of sightings, stories, and run-ins; it’s time for Washington, DC to make its reality show debut on MTV.

For those interested in making an event of the night there are several options for you to choose from.

Perhaps the biggest viewing party will be at BlackFinn DC, where friend of Metblogs/RWDC Super-Fan Elizabethany is hosting a Premiere Party with Metromix DC, and Chris Wiggins of @RealWorldDCNewz. Real World DC cast members Ty, Ashley, Callie and Emily will be on hand to party as well as The Kane Show’s Samy K and WUS9’s Angie Goff, who will be presenting the “DC Lottery presents Best of 2009 Show” earlier that night. There’s no cover and there’ll be drink specials including $5 house wines and $3 Coors bottles. The party starts at 8 PM.

Afterwards BlackFinn attendees will get perks to move over to the after party hosted by RWDC cast member Mike Manning over at Halo.

Over at Tattoo Bar, RWDC Cast Member Josh Conlon and his band Wicked Liquid are hosting a party as well. There is a $5 cover and $20 buys you “VIP” access to Josh, so you can tap him on the shoulder when he’s actually on the screen. Tattoo’s event starts at 9 PM.

Nellie’s Sports Bar, a regular stomping ground for the cast this summer, will be hosting viewing parties every Wednesday.

Earlier this month I got to talk with Real World Cast members Mike Manning and Callie Walker to talk about the show as well as other current happenings.

My interview with Mike happened days after DC’s vote to legalize Gay Marriage. As a bi-sexual male, Mike spent his summer on The Real World working with the Human Rights Campaign and was back in DC to attend a banquet celebration of the event. He hopes that this historic move leads the way for other states to do the same, “it’s an issue that’s really important to me, close to me… it sends a message to the rest of our nation that if our Nation’s capital has the balls and the respect to allow people that love each other to marry each other, other states should take the message and follow it.”

On the show you’ll see Mike talk with lawmakers on The Hill about LGBT issues and he really learned a lot about himself as well as the issues during his time here, “I was a closet case [prior to the show] and I wasn’t expose to those issues in Colorado, so everything I learned in DC was new and I’m really grateful that HRC took me under their wing.”

Mike will graduate from the University of Northern Colorado this May.

Real World DC cast member Callie Walker

Real World DC cast member Callie Walker

For Callie Walker fame hasn’t affected her life yet, we talked right after she got off a shift waiting tables at a cafe close to her school, Sam Houston State University.

Callie spent her summer in DC working for the now-defunct Washington Blade as a field photographer. A native of Texas, she told me about how much she enjoyed all the diversity DC had to offer: from food to cabbies. “My favorite thing to do is to find out where my cab driver is from- they are all from different places and they all have different stories,” Callie says.

Her new found celebrity hasn’t hit the small town where she goes to school but outside it she’s already attracting attention. At the nearby mall, she’s already been recognized while shopping at Victoria Secret.

The political atmosphere of The District played a role in Callie’s time here and told me she really discovered politics and now identifies herself as a social liberal.

Thanks to Twitter and blogs, DC was well aware of the cast’s where-abouts at all times. To which the cast found somewhat annoying, “it was nuts,” Mike told me,  “we’d walk down the street, we’d go to a restaurant and 100 people would be there five minutes later because they got a tweet that we were in the area.” Callie also found it bothersome but realizes it’s a sign of the time we live in, “we’re just trying to be normal and experience DC normally and I think that maybe that took some of it away from us but I understand that’s generation we are- we’re the social media generation.”

In an ironic turn of events, most of the cast now embrace the tool that was the cause of so many headaches earlier. Most of the cast members can now be found on Twitter tweeting with all their fans.

MTV has been in the spotlight for another show that’s been a recent hit: Jersey Shore. Both Mike and Callie told me they’ve watched the MTV reality hit and had mixed reactions. ” It’s absolutely ridiculous,” Mike says,  “you have one guy that looks like Sonic the Hedgehog and he owns a tanning bed in his house and one little girl that lives off of alcohol, she looks like a Gremlin.” Even though Mike doesn’t think he’d fit in at the Jersey Shore house, he did reveal to me his favorite cast member on the show: Ronnie.

Callie on the other hand is a fan but prefers a different guy on the show, “I think the cutest one is not Ronnie, not the fist pump guy [Vinny], not The Situation, but the other one [Pauly D].

So will we see the Real World DC cast back on MTV after the show ends? Mike and Callie both told me they would love the opportunity if it came and Mike told me he would definitely do The Ruins if they came calling, “if somebody wants to pay me to jump out of a helicopter and grab a flag- I’m all about it.”

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  1. Ronald O'Donald (unregistered) on December 30th, 2009 @ 1:01 pm

    This show is disgusting, distasteful, and dehumanizing. I’m appalled that MTV would air a show like this. If you haven’t been following up on the show, or would like to get some more information about it, there is a pretty good blog at that does an excellent job chronicling the debauchery.

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  4. nisa (unregistered) on January 4th, 2010 @ 8:31 pm

    the show is not good at all..least fav real world ever…i love my hometown but the ppl they picked sucked. im suprised mtv went thru with the show..but thats alot of money so.. if there are still here i wouldnt be suprised ifalot of angry DC natives were at their door

  5. don (unregistered) on January 4th, 2010 @ 9:41 pm

    actually i think the show is pretty good. it’s not like society itself is some crowning achievement. the real world dc, like all reality shows, is are a form of entertainment, plain and simple.

  6. tim (unregistered) on January 8th, 2010 @ 9:31 am

    TV’s self-proclaimed guidos and guidettes are hitting the road on a multi-city bar tour, to drink and party with fans. See when they’ll be in your area

  7. rosendo (unregistered) on January 25th, 2010 @ 1:39 pm

    I think mike is hot and people really shouldnt care if hes bi .im bisexual to and i know how hard it is to come out to people esecially if u dont know them

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