Dude, Where’s My Bus?

Greater Greater Washington has the goods…NextBus is finally live!

Dude, where's my bus?

Dude, where's my bus?

So, according to NextBus, the “next bus” (see what I did there?) heading for the Metro from my office will be arriving in a mere six minutes.  Unfortunately, I don’t get to go home for a few more hours.

The utility shows arrival times for the next three buses at the desired location, which you can select by stop number (those little signs on every bus stop signpost) or just use the dropdowns to select your route, direction, and intersection.  You can access the service from your computer, or a mobile device; and if you have a favorite location that you’ll be checking all the time (your home, your office) you can bookmark that custom location as well.  Neato!  Earlier this week the DC DOT introduced a similar system for Circulator buses as well.

Have a look and let us know what you think, DC.  Is it worth it after the years of waiting?

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  1. transitnut on June 30th, 2009 @ 3:23 pm

    Nice that DC DOT is trying but comparing what WMATA is doing to what the Circulator introduced is like comparing a tricycle to a Maserati. Hopefully the Circulator will be added to NextBus in the near future. Knowing the Next Bus is 15 blocks away – especially for those who don’t know the neighborhood or traffic patterns – is pretty useless.

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