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Good Morning, Mr. President

Teddy Never Wins

Teddy Never Wins

This morning, I was greeted atop the Gallery Place Metro escalators by none other than No. 26 himself, President Teddy of the Racing Presidents Nats mascots.  He was passing out little red coupon cards to try and entice folks to head for the ball park this Memorial Day weekend.

That’s because this weekend the Nats and O’s engage in a little interleague play to kick off the summer season.  Now, the team is calling this the Battle of the Beltways, which might be a little generous.  Each team is in the basement of its respective division, after all.  But don’t despair, baseball fans…there’ll be fireworks on Friday night, Saturday is Hat Day (first 20,000 fans), and Sunday is Kids Jersey Day (#11 jersey for the first 10,000 kids).    Selected seats are 25% off with coupon code, “Battle”.  See you at the ball game!

WGA Reception Redux With Rachel

(Captain’s Note: Rachel from Rachel, Rachel I’ve Been Thinking was my lovely companion to last week’s WGA reception at the Newseum- here’s her take.)

Courtesy WGA East

Courtesy WGA East

Okay so I’m a little slow on the guest-blogging but last last Friday (that would be May 8th), Patrick took me as his plus-one to one of the many pre-/post-party events surrounding the White House Correspondents Dinner (aka journalist prom). We got to attend probably the funniest event of the weekend, maybe not including the actual dinner, because President Obama’s speech was hysterical.

Nonetheless, The Writer’s Guild of America, East hosted a reception, stand-up show and panel all packed into one evening at the Newsuem, highlighting the world of comedy news. There are many things to focus on from the night (open bar!) but in particular, the stand-up from writers of the Daily Show, Colbert and Letterman was pretty hysterical. They certainly knew how to play to the very liberal, very hip, urban crowd and the jokes were full of Obama-loving, Bush-hating rhetoric. And pointed cracks at their own awesomeness and general writing prowess.

The comics’ heavy-handed liberalness was a point in the panel discussion,when one audience member asked why the conservative media hadn’t jumped on the comedy news bandwagon. Certainly it could work in the same way that Daily Show and Colbert (obviously the two favorites of the night) make a point of mocking media and politics. A writer for one of the shows (I had a hard time keeping them all straight — it was an open bar after all) said that conservative comedy is out there — in the form of Fox & Friends every single day — and he had the unenviable job of watching every minute of it. No doubt comedic gold.

But the formula works. A very clear theme emerged during the course of the event: these guys (and it was almost all men) were largely unconcerned with making the kind of pop culture waves that they have so often made. When both the recent feud with Jim Cramer by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s speech at the 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner were mentioned as great moments, not only for the shows, but for media and news in general, the writers simply said that, sure, they were really proud of those kind of results, for making people sit up and listen, but their goal on a day-to-day basis is just to make people laugh.

One writer said, we don’t expect to be educating anyone. We’re just there to shine a light on the things we expect our audience already knows.

That seems to be the key to comedy news success. To really poke fun, you have to know what’s going on in the first place. And only then can you really laugh at it.

Daily DC Item: Free Pop Tarts At California Tortilla

caltortlogoIf you have a hankering for a breakfast pastry make sure you stop by California Tortilla today for their 15th annual “Pop Tart Day” celebration. You can stop by and get a free Pop Tart.

According to their monthly newsletter, Taco Talk, they hope to give away 20,000 Pop Tarts. The only rule is you have to deal with whichever flavor they give you.

Not only are they giving away Pop Tarts, but one lucky winner will find a golden ticket which will entitle the winner to a free burrito every week for a year! That’s better than any tour Willy Wonka could offer up.

I’ve been trying to stay in shape (and doing a bad job of it) for a beach trip this upcoming weekend- but I may indulge a sugary breakfast if I could win free burritos for a year.

To find your closest CalTor location check out their store locator.

Daily DC Item: Disney To Build Resort At National Harbor

 Kevin Clark -- The Washington Post

Kevin Clark -- The Washington Post

Molly Gannon over at The Washington Post tipped us off on a Post exclusive on Disney’s purchase of 15 acres at the National Harbor in PG county.

Does this mean there’s going to be a Disneyworld: DC Edition? Chances are no- they are planning to build a hotel resort that will probably compete with the other hotels on the developing complex.

The Harbour is quickly becoming a go-to destination for conferences and events, my roommate went to the Big Night DC this past winter and she told me that a good time was had by all.

I’m a little curious to see how Disney will pull off the resort, we all know they can do good cruises and theme parks- how would a Disney resort play-out?

F-16 Flyovers This Morning And Wednesday Night


"F-16 Scenic1" courtesy of Flickr user R Toth

In an effort avoid another low-flying plane SNAFU, word is out that the North American Aerospace Defense Command will be conducting low altitude fly overs where F-16 fighter jets, Cessna prop planes, and helicopters will be involved in an exercise over downtown. The Post has the brief announcement, which notes that the activities will be taking place between midnight Monday to 6 AM. The exercise will repeat on Tuesday midnight to 6 AM Wednesday. For all you early bird don’t panic, it’s just a drill.

Democrats Face Off In Virginia Gubernatorial Primary Debate Tomorrow

novaWell thanks to the rampant calls I’ve gotten from the candidates, I’ve become a smidge more interested in the Gubernatorial race in Virginia. While there’s only one G.O.P. candidate, the Democrats have a primary where three candidates will be facing off. The candidates: Creigh Deeds, Terry McAuliffe, and Brian Moran will debate one last time at NOVA in Annandale at 2 PM. The post has an article up previewing the debate and will stream the event live for those that might want to check in.

I don’t know if it’s me becoming more interested in Politics (maybe I did catch the bug when I moved here) but if I have a minute tomorrow- I might check in. Then again I might be the only one, is anybody else really interested in the Governor’s race?

Highlights from Bike To Work Day


Photo props to WABA

Photo props to WABA

WABA again did an excellent job with Bike to Work Day in downtown DC on Friday, May 15.  For those of you who aren’t hardcore cyclists, I have to say I recommend this event highly even if you only bike to work one day a year!  A few highlights:

  • Most importantly, the weather held out – perfect temperatures and no raindrops on Freedom Plaza!
  • The food was excellent – bagels and schmears, apples and oranges all nicely quartered, hot coffee and cold tea — and plenty of  it.  Yay, sponsors!
  • The Coast Guard contingent was particularly impressive, led by Admiral Thad Allen
  • A surprise visit by the Secretary of Energy and Nobel Laureate, Stephen Chu, who clearly knows his way around a bike.    Here’s hoping he has reversed the insane disincentives to bike to work at the Forrestal Building.
  • Excellent giveaways and raffles; the drawings are the only time during the event that everyone on the plaza pays strict attention.  Again, yay, sponsors!
  • A lot of other speakers (of varying degrees of interest) allowing plenty of time to chat with friends. :)  Amazing who you run into at this thing.  I swear, every year it’s someone else.
  • All kinds of kids, dogs, and bikes; a great opportunity to shop for new gear by talking to folks who already own it.
  • The Tune Ups, always a treat at BtW, did a memorable rendition of Smart Bike Ditty, which I am still humming.  Where’s your website, kids?  I want youtube videos!
  • I didn’t stick around to see Mayor Fenty (as I had to, you know, actually bike to work).  Just FYI, the festivities normally run from 8 to 9 am.

Daily DC Item: Dismantling Of Hostage Negotiation Unit As An Action Movie Plot

the_negotiator-_cdcovers_cc_-frontWhen I read that the Chief of Metro Police was going to dismantle DC’s hostage negotiation unit I thought two things:

  1. The Negotiator was a really good movie. Samuel L. Jackson was a bad-ass. Kevin Spacey wasn’t that bad either.
  2. This sounds like a plot twist in any police/crime thriller:

You called for me chief?

Yes, please come in. And close the door.

(after closing door)
What's up?

I got some bad news, I have to shut down your unit. Budget cuts.

(without losing his cool)
Well I think that's the wrong move Chief, we're out there 
saving lives every day! Remember that time that 
stand-off by The White House-  that would of been a 
mess if it wasn't for us...

I know. I know. But the Mayor's been on me and 
I gotta produce some results, and right now frankly 
you are more of a risk to the department- 
you guys are cowboys out there-

(a little more heated)
Hey Chief you don't know what it's like 
to be out there in the heat of the battle,
my group of men are the best group of talkers 
out there and we get the job done-

But at what cost? Frankly you and I know that you 
don't exactly play by the rules- remember how you
negotiated that situation last week?  We were lucky to
bring that man back in one piece...

Hey he was asking for it! Just give us one more chance...

Your chances are up. It's back to patrolling streets for you.

I was born for this! I wasn't made for walking streets. I am a talker!
This is a big mistake, if you are taking me off the unit then
I don't want any part of this department!

What- are you quitting? Are you are quitter now?

No I'm not a quitter, it is you who quit on the unit.

That's it, get out of my face- and leave your badge and gun.
I'm sick of your antics!

{slams his badge on the desk)
I'd be glad too- good luck Chief.


Now I'm not the best screenwriter and that's probably nothing close to
what is happening at all but I can imagine...

Daily DC Item: Celebs Return To DC For Night At The Museum

If you are already down from the celebrity high that was caused with the past weekend’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner, then you can get another celeb fix tonight.

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, will be premiering at (where else) the Air and Space museum tonight and if you take a look at the cast, you know there will be an A-list on the red carpet.

The Going Out Gurus suggest waiting on the Jefferson Drive side of the museum if you want to gawk, scream, and beg for autographs. Guru Jen Chaney says don’t expect arrivals til 6:30 but you’ll want to get there by at least 5 if you want the chance to say hi to Amy Adams, or maybe you’ll get lucky and Ricky Gervais will accidentally sneeze on you.


Where Am I Going? 2 Amys

Pizza in The District is often associated with late night jumbo slices in Adams Morgan. Not the classiest of situations.

However there classy places to enjoy a slice, and 2 Amys in Woodley Park has been long reputed as one of those places. A few weeks ago I had the chance to trek up there and see what it was all about.

Tucked away just off Wisconsin Ave. next to Cactus Cantina, the restaurant was already packed with a wait on a quiet Sunday evening. My lady friend and I didn’t mind the wait, and joined the crowd outside since the back corner bar was already overflowing with patrons. The dining room was quite chatty when we were finally seated. When you open the menu you won’t be finding words like pepperoni or sausage. Instead we ordered a Calabrese (Tomato, onions, anchovy, fresh mozzarella, parsley, olives) and a Ripieno Extra stuffed pizza (Ricotta, grana, salami, prosciutto, pancetta, tomato.)

The Pizzas were fantastic, I was impressed how much I could enjoy a pizza with anchovies on it. I must be growing up. The Pizzas come in an interesting size that’s larger than a personal pizza, yet smaller than a Papa John’s large. I was skeptical about ordering two pizzas for two people but it appeared to be the norm around the place.

A good meal at 2 Amys proved to me why the small shop attracts large crowds when it comes to Pizza.

2 Amys
3715 Macomb St.
Washington, DC 20016

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