Kornheiser out on MNF: PLEASE Come Back to Radio!!!



Tony Kornheiser, Washington D.C. resident and national sports writing talking icon, has lost one of his two jobs. 

And yeah, yeah it’s sad and all that Mr. Tony will no longer be in the Monday Night Football booth, replaced by former Bucs coach John “Thank you for the Super Bowl team Mr. Dungy” Gruden.  But that’s not the story.  That’s not the thing to be excited about.

The thing to be exited about DC, the real reason this merits a blog post is the likely (please I hope to God, seriously this needs to happen) return of The Tony Kornheiser Show to radio.  Dozens upon dozens of radio listeners are rejoicing at the idea that this news might herald the return of the single greatest radio show the Washington D.C. are has ever heard.  Ever.

Mr. Tony is an old man (or at least he says so) and the prospect of doing a radio show, PTI and MNF was too much-particularly since his fear of flying meant travel by bus across the country.  It was just too much on his orange headed body to do it all, so the TKS (the job that paid the least) had to go.  

TKS had this kind of Eggnog quality to it:  Delicious, can’t get enough-but only available for a limited time.  Each January we would tune in and each May/June we’d plead with our radios for Tony not to go.  The promise was one day MNF would “wise up” and replace him in the booth with someone who knew football and he would come back and do the radio show. 

So we watched the skies, looking for signs that the prophecy would be fulfilled-and now that day seems to have come.   The most recent “Talking Points” both Wilbon and Kornheiser (May 18th and 19th episodes) seem to indicate that this is a “fo sho.” 

More about the show after the jump, if you’re interested.

TKS was like waking up your cranky, complaining ego-maniac grandfather an hour before the alarm goes off, burning his breakfast, turning the hot water off in the middle of his shower and then putting a microphone in front of him and telling him to talk for two hours.

And it works.  It really, really works. 

TKS is nearly indescribable-part sports, sure, but also part American Idol recap.  Interviews with Jim Nance about his dinner with the Queen lead seamlessly into Mr. Tony’s hi-lar-ious recounting of his frustrations with technology or why he hates the Cingular store in Friendship Heights.  Mr. Tony lives in a world of “email machines” and “Animal Revolutions” and has no idea what podcasting is.  “Old Guy Radio” is devoted to playing a classic bit of old rock and roll from the 60’s and 70’s and, “Phil’s Mom”-who can barely pronounce the names of some schools-blindly picked George Mason to make a tourney run.

“Rat in the mouth,”  “Do you know who I am?”, unjust hatred of bloggers (and the fact that he may openly wish one dead on air) and of course Nigel’s “Passport Nissan Altima” ads-

I’m writing  gibberish to most of you, I know.   Do yourself a favor and go look up the old podcastsof the show, they are well worth the dated listens and they’ll prep you for the inevitable return.  You’ll be glad you did.

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