Metro UPDATE: Retail on the Way!?


Okay, well I’m glad somebody at WMATA is reading my posts-now if they’d only give me some credit!

NBC Washington is reporting that as early as this fall Metro might feature retail stores at 12 Metrorail stops.  Everything from dry cleaning to food will be available if things go according to plan. 

A plan they clearly got from my post a few weeks ago.  Okay-maybe we just had the same idea, but I’ll take credit for it until someone shows me different.

Here it is though, commuters of DC;  there isn’t much separation between selling food and drinks and being able consume them on the trains.  My opinion was made pretty clear in my last post, but just to restate it-I think the eating and drinking ban was pretty ridiculous anyway and at least Metro will see some money out of it.  Sadly, my gut says that it won’t bring a reduction in fares-but maybe it will keep prices from going up any time soon.

The  idea will be brought to the Metro Board later this month and, if approved, proposals for retail shops will be solicited in June.  Shops could start as early as late this fall.

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  1. washwords on May 7th, 2009 @ 11:52 am

    now they just need to enact my plan: the quiet car for megafree riding. I have a dream that one day my ‘tro ride will be free of gum-chomping, sorority girl giggling, sprawling newspaper flapping whistling old dudes who don’t get up for pregnant ladies and pretend not to see old peeps.

    Quiet car! Quiet car!

  2. WMATA kills my "Eating on Metro Dream" | Washington D.C. Metblogs (pingback) on May 29th, 2009 @ 9:46 am

    […] WMATA has shot down the proposal I wrote about a few weeks ago regarding vendors at Metro stations-well, food vendors anyway.  The discussion […]

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