DC Sports: Hope Springs (Mostly) Eternal…

Last week I posted on my facebook page “Could DC be the worst Sports town in the Country?” and I don’t think was out of line to ask that question.  (Seattle was the only other obvious contender-with a terrible baseball team, no hockey, an awful football team and having just lost their basketball team).

But April showers bring the buds of May-and all the bad news of the past month seems to be shaping up nicely for DC Sports fans-Need proof?  Read on:


The Wizards had just finished a dismal 19-63 season-by far the worst team in the East (only the Kings in the West did worse).  No playoffs for the first time in years.  The $100+ million dollar man, Gilbert Arenas, played in a total of  2 games for 31.5 minutes (At over $14 mil for the year, that’s $7 mil a game, or $465,189 per minute).

And now: Flip” Saunders heads the team-and he has a pedigree of at least getting out of the first round of the playoffs.   Gilbert Arenas looked, well, not awful in his two games and at least seems to be running around-presumably he will be better for next year.  All that losing seems to have paid off too, with the Wizards having the second most chances of getting the top pick in the draft-and can only finish as low as 5th.  In a class heavy on PGs and low on big guys-picking high is more important than ever this year.  

Skins, Nats and Caps after the jump.


The Redskins looked poised to fall victim to another “Dan Snyder is crazy” fit and trade half the damn city to get Mark Sanchez-only weeks after the Campbell/Cutler SNAFU.  Snyder sated his appetite for wasting money by picking up Mike Williams-a relatively young bust OT who hasn’t played for a few years and is listed at 370, but probably is much closer to four-hundo.   (Aside: As a Bills fan,  we wasted the #4 pick on this “stud” in 2005.  After starting 5 games and then getting cut-well, let’s just say I hope I don’t run into him on the metro as I might not be able to control myself).

And Now:  Dan Snyder was, thankfully, tied up and kept away from the phone.  The best move of the day for the Redskins was made by the Jets-because they traded up to get Sanchez.  The Redskins were then forced to do something competent and picked up a handful of good players including (likely) game changer Brian Orakpo, Kevin Barnes to pick up where Shawn Springs left off-and Cody Glenn who has some upside.  Plus, it’s April-and the Skins are always Super Bowl winners in April.


The Capitals looked like choking dogs-again.  All of DC (yes, even you-don’t front) thought the great 8 and company were due for another early exit and another off-season of having to hear why Sid the Kid and the Pens are better than you.  Down 3-1, I couldn’t tell if the Caps were shaping up to be more like McGrady’s Rockets or DC’s Wizards…

And Now: With a little bit of luck and a little bit of effort the Caps pulled off the improbable rattling off three straight against the Rangers-concluding in last nights HOLY CRAP THAT WAS AWESOME 2-1 victory.    The hated Pens start their series with the hometown heroes this Saturday.


The Nationals…well okay the Nats have it backwards-shocking, I know.  Last week they had just won their first (and so far only) back to back games-and a series against the Braves.

and now they are back to usual form, having dropped every game since then.  They are in serious, serious danger of having only 4 wins for the month of April with no relief (even from their relievers) in sight.   Well at least they figured out that one pitcher, Joel “What Lead?” Hanrahan should no longer be allowed to pitch when we have a lead….that’s something, right? Edit: Spoke to soon! The Nats stole one from the Phils last night and Zimmerman is the club’s streak hit leader at 18 and counting.  A bit more good news!

Still, overall, Washington Sports seem much more secure then they did last week.  Here’s hoping it keeps up for a while.

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