Sports: ‘ashington NationaLLLLLLLs


A typo in the title?  Not a chance.

The NationaLLLLLLLs have yet to post a “W” for the year, and so I’ve taken the “W” right out of their name.  They have managed to post 7 “L”s this year, so I’ve granted them that.   Until they get a win they play for the city of  ‘ashington. 

The team that plays near the Navy Yard dropped it’s 7th straight of the season, it’s 11th in a row from last year, and it’s 16th of the 17 games.  This is how you can tell they are “bad.”

In case you are wondering the 1899 Cleveland Spiders lost 24 games in a row, and the 61′ Phillies lost 23 in a row-the longest in the post 1900 era.  The longest losing streak to start a season?  Our neighbors to the north the BLAH-timore Orioles lost 21 in a row in 1988

Yesterday’s game, while a lot of fun with the Metblogs crew, is probably a tell-tale sign of what to expect by the Nats this year.  Lots of offense, lots of errors.  This team can score-don’t kid yourself.  It’s going to be fun to watch if you dig the long ball, for sure.  If you’re a fan of tight play, stingy defense and good pitching-well it’s going to be a long summer for you. 

The Nots Nats are also in trouble looking at the upcoming schedule.  They don’t play a team out of the NL East until the last day of April!  After finishing here with the World Champion Phillies, they play Florida, Atlanta and the Phils again-with a series against the Mets mixed in.  So the teams that are already kicking our ass are going to line up to do it again all month long. 

It could be a record setting bad month, all things told.  Hang on to your Hats Nats fans-they might be the only “W”s you see at the park for a while….

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