Daily DC Item: Blonde Charity Mafia Brings Plastic To DC’s Social Politics

Photo courtesy of DC Metromix

Photo courtesy of DC Metromix

Tip of my hat to my blogger friend f.B. for informing me of DC’s new mafia. Blonde Charity Mafia that is.

Everybody is buzzing about the new DC-based CW “Docu-series” that will debut this summer. For those that haven’t watched Laguna Beach, The Hills, or The City; the Docu in Docu-series stands for fake. Fishbowl DC has excerpts of the shooting script.

My thoughts on the show can be summarized with this chat I just had with Meggie Poo:

Me: I’m not going to lie though- I might watch it just so I can make fun of it.
Thus, the show will be a hit. It’s like the Snuggie- it’ll be so bad it’s good!
Meggie Poo: Oh i’m totally gonna watch it, it’s a trainwreck.
Me: I mean, it’s not like we didn’t know we had rich, snooty people here before…BUT NOW they have names and faces and we can hate them directly!

If DCists are something- we are vain about our city, I think a few people will be like me to tune in so we can say, “I’ve been to Third Edition before!” and, “Oh my god I need to friend that person on Late Night Shots now!”

So CW, you have another potential hit on your hands… or another six episode disaster that will go the way of K-Street.

For those that are now interested in the show like I am should read the Blonde Charity Mafia blog for their fix til the show airs.

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  1. Frank (frankl) on April 10th, 2009 @ 4:08 pm

    But the one girl isn’t even Blonde! Gah!

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