Redskins: Unhappy Campbell?


So what’s the best metaphor for how Jason Campbell must be feeling right now?

Is he a guy who got fired only to have the company call him back and say whoops-we wanted to fire you, but we can’t?

Is he the guy who’s girlfriend tried to date a better guy only to come back and say “actually, you’re as good as I can do.”  ?

How does it feel to know that your team pursued a trade with a team for a different Quarterback, didn’t get him and then said “uh…sorry.”

After both failing to get Jay Cutler and letting the whole world know they wanted Jay Cutler, the Redskins have been caught with their pants down in front of their young, developing Quarterback.  The brass might have met with Campbell to “mend the fences” but that still can’t sit well with the player.  The Redskins have time and time again chased the prettiest free agents on the market and in this case let the entire team know-anyone can be traded.  Sure that might be motivating, but how much can you believe it when they say “Jason’s our guy.  We’re happy with Jason.”  Not much, I’m sure.

To Campbell’s credit he isn’t pulling a Cutler-he’s “motivated” and “ready to play”-but let’s be serious here.  He’s got a lot of upside, but no actual resume to speak of.  Quite frankly, he isn’t Cutler-not at all.  I think it’s doubtful that anyone would take him-He’s not proven to be “that much better” than any other decent quarterbacks-so why take the risk?  Any teams with bad Quarterbacks at this point would likely rather just draft their own than take a chance on a guy who hasn’t panned out (so far).

Which isn’t to say he’s a bad quarterback, or has no upside-he just hasn’t proven anything yet.

Of course-he’s got plenty of opportunity to prove it now.

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