Parents Want to Roll Easter Egg Site Off A Cliff

Easter Eggs*

Easter Eggs*

Washingtonian magazine tweets:

Wow, people are super angry about this online White House easter egg roll distribution

And they aren’t kidding.  The newfangled intertubes version of signing up for Easter Egg Roll tickets seems to be universally reviled by Washingtonian readers commenting on the ticketing system.  They complain about system crashes and site errors, with the general sentiment being “at least when I stood in line, it kind of sucked but I knew what my chances were.”  Commenters on are expressing their frustration, along with a dollop of suspicion and a dash of “politics-as-usual”.  I think it’s safe to say we could hard-boil a dozen eggs for coloring with all the steam coming out of their ears!

How about it, DC?  Have you tried it?  Were you feeling trepidation because of the Purple Tunnel of Doom, or Ticketmaster≠Ticketsnow issues?   Is it E-Bay or nothing for you?  Or are you psyched because you didn’t have to stand outside in the rain on this yucky March morning?

* Photo by flickr user mistaric used under a Creative Commons license

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  1. etrue on March 26th, 2009 @ 5:14 pm

    Why should anyone be surprised? As soon as I heard that "change" was in the air for the distribution of Egg roll tickets I turned to my wife and said, ‘It’s a shame." They took a working system, that was fun – Yes Fun – and killed it. How cool was it to camp out in front of the white house? It’s WAS a blast. Some times cold, snowy, wet, but you met fellow Americans, shared stories, and EARNED your tickets. They (our first family) opened the door to scams, scalping… and even the ticket itself is cheapened. "Progress" yelps the town crier.
    Since, we’ve been trying to get our tickets since early this morning and it’s now after 5:00 in the afternoon we will give up now or buy a ticket from a "seller" later next week…. NOT! Way to go Barrack! Happy Socialism! Lost my vote 60 days ago for making a scrambled mess out of our country.

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