Wiz: "It’s Only True If I Play Saturday"

Agent Zero

Agent Zero

Perpetual headache/best player on the team Gilbert Arenas is kinda, sorta possibly set to make his return to the Wizards this Saturday, just in time to watch them die at the table.  Like a starlet who married an old fogey for his billions, Arenas is here just in time to show up for the reading of the Wizards will to see if there is anything that was left for him. 

After taking the Wizards $111 million  deal (which the Wizards, in my opinion, were nuts to sign him to) Agent Zero promptly got knee surgery and was going to be back in a monthI mean late December…oh wait, maybe this Saturday.  He’s been running full speed with the team for a month (except on road trips) during practice and the rumor is he’ll make his return against the Pistons this week-but when asked, Arenas answered in only the way he can:

“It’s only true if I play Saturday.”


More embarrassing Wizards facts after the jump.

Arenas’ absence has devastated a team that just last year was making a trip to the playoffs-after a 1-10 start Head Coach Eddie Jordan was fired, and Arenas was making the point that without him the team would be in a good position to draft high in the 2009 NBA lottery.  So maybe he was ready to play before this weekend, but didn’t want to hurt the chances that the Wizards would have the most ping-pong balls come draft day.

At 16-56 the Wizards are second from the bottom and even if they go on a 10 game winning streak to end the season (ha!) would finish at best as the eight worst team in the league.  A win by either Golden State and Toronto anywhere along the line (highly likely)  keeps them at 6th or worst.  In all likelihood the team will finish in the bottom four and have an excellent (11.9% or better) chance at finishing with the top pick (and a guarantee that they wouldn’t finish any worse than 4th).

We’ll do another post here at Metblogs come lottery day once we know where the Wizards will be picking-until then, scoop up your cheap tickets as the season winds down-you might get to see a Superstar at an incredibly reduced price over the next week or two.

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