Bowden Bows Out

"I figure I'm in...'This' much trouble."

"I figure I'm in...'This' much trouble."

Picture (not caption) courtesy of Flickr User Scott Ableman

Looks like I won’t have to write a scathing diatribe against Jim Bowden to get him fired-he resigned today.

Yes Nationals fans (and would be Nats fans just waiting for something to cheer for) be happy-for today ranks as the best day in DC baseball since they brought the team back.

Blaming the media for reporting the news creating a distraction over such petty matters as not knowing how old his prospects are, being linked to a bonus skimming scam and generally failing as a GM to put a team worth $10 tickets out on to the field (and don’t forget that DUI last year, either).

At first I was going to hold off on calling Jimbo as a goner because they fired Jose Rijo over the recent, “gaffs” shall we say.  Instead of being the fall guy though, Rijo was apparently just the start.  It is my full fledged opinion that Mr. Bowden is not resigning because he feels as if he’s become a distraction but because he has been told, unequivocally, that he is a distraction (and probably a few other things as well) and was invited to resign and avoid being fired.

The Nationals are stunned; caught completely off-guard by the news.  Of course if you’ve watched them play you know they make a living off of being caught completely off-guard and unaware of what is happening.

So who’s next?  Well even though (thankfully) it turns out that they didn’t ask for special permission to skip interviewing minority candidates for the position, they probably do have someone in mind.  There is very little point in letting Bowden go unless you’ve got at least a few people in mind-or a direction you’d like to go.  I expect we’ll have some more comments and thoughts as this whole thing shakes out, but for now the long and short of my opinion is that this is the best thing the Nats have done since deciding Teddy would never win a race.
Two thumbs up.

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  1. ajw93 on March 2nd, 2009 @ 9:23 am

    Hear, hear. The fewer Bowdens who are employed in the world of sports, the better!

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