Nationals: A Whole New Screech?


In one of the few stories about the Nationals that doesn’t scream “EPIC FAIL,” the Nationals announced that Screech will unveil his “new look” this Monday at 12p at the ESPN Zone.   It seems that in the just under 4 years of his existence Screech (kinda like the Nats themselves) has gotten a little stale.  In fact, over the last year or two my personal experience with the over-sized baby eagle was that they really weren’t washing him that often-especially under the wings.  Yuck.  So a new costume is good, in my opinion, if only for sanitary reasons.

Now rest assured, DC Metblogs is also concerned with the more serious stories surrounding the Nationals-and in due course we’ll be looking at some of those-but for now, what is Screech going to look like?  Is he just adopting the same new jerseys the team is?  Will we adopt a more adult, more menacing looking, Screech the Bad Ass Super Eagle Of Death style?  Well in a (fake) exclusive to DC Metblogs, this blogger has done the work for you-sneaking into Jim Bowden’s office and copying photos that reveal the truth.  After the break I give you The New “Screech The Mascot:”


This way when the Nats are losing at least there will be a chance that “It’s alright” cuz they’re….well…you know

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  1. Patrick (dmbosstone) on February 28th, 2009 @ 1:17 pm

    Oh a new Screech is coming out? I’m glad somebody else thought that bird never took a shower ever, I’m surprised he wasn’t called The Dirty Bird after a season or two.

    Isn’t just me or aren’t the racing presidents more popular than the bird?

  2. Frank (frankl) on February 28th, 2009 @ 4:31 pm

    Yeah he was disgusting.

    And the racing presidents are a 10x more popular than the bird-but I think that having them (or one of them) be the actual mascot would sort of be a bit to "slap in the face" to the rest of the country. They were everyone’s president’s of course-so they’ll need to stay as side mascots.

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