Perfect Pita In Courthouse

I noticed this week that a new Perfect Pita finally replaced the Larry’s Cookies over at the Courthouse Metro where my office is located. I noticed the menu distributions and the signage so I figured I would stop by and check it out. I’m a pretty picky when it comes to Pita, (I often find most brands really dry) I am a big fan of hummus. So I grabbed my co-worker Mallory and away we went. On the way she informed me that not only do I like hummus, it appears to be the a mainstay of the white people. However she isn’t a fan of it so I suppose I have to be wary of her possible sketch-white status.

The store just opened this past Monday, it’s so new they haven’t had a chance to get rid of the old signage above the door. Inside the place was already packed… with white people. Lines were formed of those who already paid for sandwiches and now waited with chips in hand. Others gathered around a hummus sampling platter, tasting the four different varieties of hummus (Traditional, Jalapeno, Roasted Red Pepper, and Black Bean & Cilantro) the crowd around the free samples resembled a wine tasting with their exchanges of comments and opinions. I didn’t know people could be so picky about hummus.

I took back to the office a 1/2 lb tub of hummus and devoured the entire thing while watching The Office. Mallory picked up a Pita sandwich and wasn’t too happy with it. The advertised “Hot Pit a Sandwich” was actually just a cold Pita with heated ingredients. The results was a soggy mess of chicken and bacon. While I now feel really fat for eating an entire tub of hummus I thought the Pita bread itself was good.

I’ll probably go there a couple more times to try out the sandwiches myself and I totally want to check out their breakfast sandwiches- the one thing I still search for here in Courthouse.

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  1. ajw93 on February 6th, 2009 @ 5:04 pm

    Oh yes, I have a tub of "Super Spicy" hummus in my fridge right now! Mmmm.

  2. The Definitive Dmbosstone » Post Topic » Metblogs:Perfect Pita In Courthouse (pingback) on February 7th, 2009 @ 1:02 pm
  3. lustyreader on February 10th, 2009 @ 1:59 pm

    I think they used to have a Perfect Pita on 20th and L-ish, I always went on my lunch break and I was really sad when it closed about 2 years ago, so I’m glad to hear of a new location! My favorite was one with marinated chicken, hummus, and melted provolone cheese, I would definitely recommend it!

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