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Neighborhood Democracy

Hey, have you gone to your local ANC meeting lately?  Everyone should go at least once, in the interest of seeing the sausage made. even has a handy page where you can find your local ANC meeting calendar

R. went to 1C last night to hear the public safety report, after the hilarious attempted armed robbery on the street renamed two and a half years ago that wasn’t in the 911 system.  (But is now.)  And he wanted find out about plans to shut down the uptick in crime the past couple of weeks, but that will be at the Public Safety meeting on Friday.  The stats passed out last night show a 3x rise in assaults and a 5x rise in robbery with a gun in the last month, just in our little PSA.  Wow.

But there were good things, too.  Public art to be installed at 18th and Columbia.  It won’t affect the Kiosk, which is apparently the third rail of 1C politics.  And–bonus–SmartBikeDC is expanding into Adams Morgan.  Groovy!

The Kiosk

The Kiosk, surviving traffic lane construction with aplomb.

Comics and Beer: My Upcoming DC Weekend

SPX - The Expo

You’ve probably noticed it even if you aren’t conscious of it directly.  Iron Man (on DVD as of yesterday) was the biggest movie of the year by far (edit: at the time).  Then The Dark Knight came along (edit:  which then become the biggest movie of the year).  In between Hellboy II and Wanted both came out and this book Watchmen on the best seller’s table at Borders.  Make no doubt about it my friend-comics are coming out of the long boxes in our basements and into the mainstream-so you better get hip and quick.

In your quest for comic book literacy there is only one thing better than going to your local shop and asking for a copy of Sandman or Maus:  Discovering the next great episode of graphic literature of course!  The place to do that just happens to be in our own backyard of Bethesda at the Small Press Expo.  This Saturday and Sunday the best and brightest of the comics newest and/or Indie talents will be on hand to sell you comics and sign your stuff.  I’ve gone to SPX a few times over my six year stay here and it is a great event for fans and non-fans alike.  Very often creators are happy to just talk with you for a while, sign books that you buy and give you deals if you buy a few (hey these guys are out there making a name for themselves!).  Also a great way to disabuse yourself of the notions that “comics are for kids” and “comics are all about super-heroes.”  They aren’t-and nowhere is that better done than in the small press. 

I’ll be there Saturday (super-geek that I am) so be on the lookout…for a bunch of people more famous, creative and important than I am that is!  You’ll almost certainly walk away with something you’ll enjoy reading and might even have a “Oh her? Yeah I met her back at SPX 2008” story to go with it some day!

Beer-That is all you need to know

If comics are not your speed (or even if they are-Saturday is a long day) The Commonwealth (particularly Shirlington) will play host to “Oktoberfest” hosted by Cap City.  After I’ve loaded up on comic books I plan on heading back across the river to get…well…loaded.  Responsibly of course!  For a mere $25 you’ll have access to over 30 local breweries and their 4 oz beer samples.  That’s 120 oz of beer for $25 (if you only go to each tent once that is!) also known as a deal.  If you don’t drink the event is free and there will be music and food available for all-so it might be worth stopping by anyway. 

I again will be there and will eventually be the guy either sitting down reading comic books trying not to spill beer on them OR the guy getting into a loud angry discussion about which of Earth’s Green Lanterns was actually the coolest. 

Author’s note:  If you do decide to go to both places you might want to do comics first only because impulse shopping goes up when you’ve been drinking and it’s much safer (and far more legal) to drive having bought too many comics then it is to drive having drank too many beers.

Vice-Presidential Debates: Where And How To Drink

Another debate, another time to drink. For those that treat the debates like a college football game can check out The Washingtonian’s After Hours blog for a guide of places to watch the debates. I especially like Ventnor’s $1 shots when you hear a buzzword. Fritz Hahn over at the Post also has a guide on the Going Out Gurus blog.

For those that want to stay home and drink should look at Associated Content’s Sarah Palin drinking game– it’s written for use with Moosehead but I think you should be able to substitute with no problems.

UPDATE: It appears I’m not the only one thinking of ways to play games while watching Sarah Palin- a friend told me to check out Sarah Palin Bingo, for those that are probably skipping their Thursday night at the VFW hall to watch the debates.

Grenade In Rock Creek Park

I have noticed that Rock Creek Park has recently finished some construction to repair some sections of parkway- now there’s a possibility there may also be a big crater in the middle of it.

I was watching the local news and there was a breaking news story on a suspicious package that could possibly be a grenade.

WJLA says that 16th Street between between Longfellow Street NW and Colorado Avenue is closed and police are on the scene.

You may want to avoid that area today.

UPDATE:The Washington Post reports that it the grenade, which was real, was taken care of by the military. Always helpful having those types of people around Washington DC for situations like this.

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