Coming home

As G. and I drove back into DC late on Sunday night, I commented that “there’s nothing like a weekend in New York City to make you feel like you live in a backwater town.”  The lack of cars! The empty sidewalks!  The open sky!  DC was so… peaceful after the jam-packed-24-hour-ness of NYC.

Okay, so their Chinatown trumps ours.  But a brief comparison between the Union Square Farmer’s Market and the Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market revealed similar pricing for at least the basics we looked over.  And we didn’t see anything there we don’t get here, so perhaps our lower population density isn’t always a disadvantage.

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  1. pgautam on November 5th, 2008 @ 3:10 pm

    I had similar experience last year. I was in New York for New Year’s eve at times square. NYC is so crowded and haphazard. You will get to see good people and bad people, rich and poor, tallest building and very old nearly ruined houses, etc. Its all there, and its so conjusted. Coming back to DC, I felt huge peace and relief. DC look clean, organized, and cool. I love DC!!!

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