An Open Letter of Thanks To Random Girl at the Naylor Rd. Station (and Metro too)

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Dear Metblog readers, indulge me in a brief personal story and the use of this forum to say thank you to someone.  Hopefully you’ll just find it a heartwarming little story about how good people can be in our area.  

Dear Random Girl who eventually got off at the Naylor Rd. Station:

Thank you for finding my Iphone.  Although I’ve never met you or saw you or know anything about you-I appreciate your finding my Iphone.

See, I was heading home to drop off the comic books I had bought at SPX and to get changed to go out for the evening.  In my fervor of comic book delightedness I must have only half-heartedly put my phone into my sweatshirt hoodie pocket after checking it (like I always do) coming over the river on the yellow line bridge.  Questions of whether to go all the way to Clarendon or not coupled with handfuls of newly signed books must have distracted me as I left my train at Crystal City because it wasn’t until I got outside and reached for my phone again that I realized it was gone. 

Now for those of you who don’t have an Iphone, hopefully you have a friend who has one because really you can only understand who deep the obsession to check it is every, oh, 2.3 seconds if you have one or are constantly yelling at someone to “put that damn thing away!”  When I don’t have my phone?  I actually lose my ability to function.  I shut down and am fully consumed with the sole mission of getting my phone back.  I can’t eat, drink, breathe or certainly just go out and have a good time. So this wasn’t going to do at all. 

In a stream of curse words, I rushed back downstairs where the Station Manager offered help-but to no avail.  Walking back into my apartment complex I called my phone, on a whim, from my roommates cell.  And you answered.  Clearly young and as you called yourself “just a random girl on the metro”-you found my phone.  You offered to leave the phone at L’Enfant Plaza, your transfer point, for me to pick up. 

You might have kept the phone.  Or sold it.  Or just left it where it was-doing nothing about it.  But, in fact, you are a good person and you did a good thing.  And for this I was thanking you the whole way back. 

Delighted at my luck I rushed back into the train station and hopped on up to L’Enfant fully expecting my phone to be there.  To my dismay it wasn’t.  I am sorry to say, Ms. Random Girl, at first I fully cursed you out-wondering why someone would say they were leaving my phone when they didn’t.  Upon returning home (for the second time that night) fortune was on my side again as I ran into my roommate departing for the evening.  He relayed your message that you were going to miss your transfer and so just got on your train home with no time to leave the phone at L’Enfant.  That in fact you had left it at Naylor Rd. for me-Well he actually said “I think she said  ‘Nala or Nah Lah’ or something.”  He’s still pretty new here.

So I returned to the metro system once again, this time stopping and asking my Crystal City guy (Prince was his name by the way) to call ahead to Naylor Rd. to confirm.  And a mere 30 minutes or so later I had my hands on my phone again. 

So thank you Random Girl who I don’t know who did me a good turn by, well, turning my phone in.  Thank you for being a good person and giving me a little bit of belief in the good people of this city.  Thank you also for helping me to add Naylor Rd. to my collection of “Metro stops I’ve been at.”  I plan on paying it forward the best I can since I probably can’t ever pay you back.

Also, my liver thanks you for saving it from a night of drinking that I probably could have done without. 

And thank you also to the Station Managers at Crystal City, L’Enfant Plaza and Naylor Rd. who not only put up with my frantic “where is my phone” nonsense but let me have that last ride to go get the phone for free (since I was really just going in a big circle).  If the Metro bosses read this they were on duty at 11pm on Saturday night and all deserve big pats on the back.  I promise that, in exchange for your kindness, not to sneak bites of my breakfast or sips of my coffee on the train (even though I think you should change that rule)…for at least a week anyway.



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