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Free Salads Today at Chop T

The Creative Salad Company

The Creative Salad Company

If you work near Farragut North or Dupont Circle you’re in for a treat today.

Chop T opens its newest DC location and the Creative Salad Company is celebrating with its trademark pre-opening “training day”.  Hungry Washingtonians  can enjoy salads and salad sandwiches free of charge from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., or until the last bit of lettuce is gone.

So walk on over to the new location at 1105½ 19th St. NW (L and 19th Streets) for the “on-the-house” festivities. Nearest metro stops are Farragut North or Dupont Circle.

Nationals Picnic in the Park

From Nats Picnic at the Park

Good Morning Washington-

Another week of banging our heads against our collective desks is upon us.  Hopefully you had a little fun in the wonderful weather this past weekend.  I, for one, made it over to Nationals Park on Saturday afternoon to attend the “Picnic in the Park” hosted by the Washington Nationals.  Open to season ticket holders (I had a 20 game package) the Nationals threw open not just the front gates but granted access to all sorts of parts of the park usually off limits.

Freebies, raffles, players signing autographs all over the park, walking tours of the Diamond Club and President’s club boxes (which really is more like a class restaurant that just happens to have access to home plate seats) and, oh yeah, getting to run the friggin’ bases and sit in the dugout! made for one of my favorite trips to a ballpark, any ballpark, ever.  We also got to walk around the outfield, throw a pitch in the bullpen (which I didn’t do-line was too long) and sit in any seat in the house we wanted.  For those that haven’t had the luxury, let me share what I’ve learned:

-Hitting the ball to the outfield, let alone to the warning track or a home run, is really far.  When you’re on the ground you can see it’s a lot farther than it seems from the seats.

-Same with the 90 ft between bases.

-the ground base paths are pretty firm, and the grass is actually beautiful up close.

-The seats down by home plate?  They have cushioned seats and backing-they are also wider I think.

-Being in the President’s box is in no way a “true” or “genuine” going to the ball game experience.   You wouldn’t even know there was a field there if someone didn’t tell you.  That said, I fully intend on somehow doing it next year.

The only thing we didn’t see that I would have liked to was the press box and to walk on the grass-but with a game on Saturday night (the second of three straight losses to the Padres) it was understandable that they kept us off it.  While I’m sure it wasn’t even close to the emotional/cool factor of walking around Yankee’s Stadium on Sunday it was pretty special for me and I hope to do it again.  My personal pics are available via the link above (not a photographer keep in mind) and the Nationals can be seen just three more times as a team in DC this year as they roll over for host the Florida Marlins this week. (A good chance to see our 100th loss this season up close and personal.  Don’t worry, you’ll be able to tell them that “you were there when…” someday.)

Metros Get New Signs, Riders More Informed

Metro platform signs will now contain four lines of information instead of the annoying scrolling text currently used. Now we’ll get more information about things like “delays, what to expect, and travel options” according to the AP.

Arlington County Police Needs To Check Blind Spot

I was at the Taste of Columbia Pike this afternoon for a work event. It wasn’t that bad, there was a large crowd of locals and lots of entertainment mostly consisting of different groups of dancers (the Saffron Belly Dancers were very nice to watch.)

So I  was standing around with some co-workers chatting it up while watching these women twirl around with their bare mid-drifts. All of a sudden I hear a guy yell “watch out!” which was then followed by a loud thump. Sounds like someone wasn’t watching out.

I turned to see an Arlington County Police Cruiser back into a parked car.

Typically the Police resolve an accident- not cause it.

It wasn’t a huge deal, just some paint left on the other car but I had to say I was amused to see the officiers exchange information and take photos. It makes me wonder what happens a police officier gets into a fender bender.

Renaissance For DC Metroblog

Veronese Totally Photoshopped This.

Veronese Totally Photoshopped This.

Since the unfortunate exodus of DC’s old guard of Metrobloggers, the Capitol’s Metblog has gone through a rough stretch. Our friend and Metroblog Godfather Sean Bonner, along with the new staff of authors in DC have been working hard to get the site back up to snuff- a Renaissance if you will. Just a couple notes to the blogosphere:

  • Please give us some feedback! Any suggestions you can comment to us would be greatly appreciated. Never hesitate to suggest a story either.
  • Did I mention feedback? Kazam! [poll=2]
  • We are still have openings for authors on this site. Those interested should visit this post.
  • Stop by the Metroblog Hub. I just did for the first time and it is nothing short of sexy. You can even visit my homepage there, create a page of your own, join some really cool groups, and invite your friends to join in the fun.
  • Buy stock in the DC Metroblog. It is currently America’s only sign of economic growth.

TONIGHT: Bringing the Sea to Life

Image courtesy Zandra Rhodes

Image courtesy Zandra Rhodes

Zandra Rhodes, a British fashion designer, presents “Designing an Ocean-Themed Opera: The Pearl Fisheries” tonight in the Baird Auditorium of the Museum of Natural History at 6:45 pm. This free illustrated lecture will delve into her inspiration for the production of Georges Bizet’s exotic opera. She will talk about the sets and costumes as well as the challenges of bringing the sea to stage.

A book signing will follow the lecture. Copies of “Zandra Rhodes and the Art of Textiles” will be available for purchase in the museum book store.

6:45 p.m. – lecture
7:45 p.m. – book-signing

Free and open to the public.

National Museum of Natural History
Baird Auditorium, ground level
10th and Constitution, NW
Washington, DC 20036

Football Team Bar Guide

The After Hours blog over at The Washingtonian just updated their list of bars where fans of different NFL teams meet. I didn’t know 18th Amendment was the place to see the Panthers or Pour House was the place to watch the Steelers. As a native Bostonian I wish I found this list earlier! I was wondering what would be a good bar to watch the Patriots season opener (and Tom Brady’s season closer.)

I ended up going over to Buffalo Billiards in Dupont Circle- which ended up being a great place to go. They had all the games up on the numerous screens across the bar and the crowds were manageable. I sure do enjoy watching my favorite team with others but I also enjoy being able to find a table relatively easy. However the service was terribly slow.

Chances are your favorite sports bar will carry the game you want to see- but it’s always fun to watch it with fans of your favorite team. And if you are a local Redskins fan? Check out The Junkies and watch the game wherever they are doing their weekly “Unauthorized Pregame Show”.

The Bear Facts

Bomb Squad Investigating Abandoned Greenpeace Stuffed Bear At Columbia Heights

Bomb Squad Investigating Abandoned Greenpeace Stuffed Bear At Columbia Heights

Not that the topic needs to be dragged through the news any more on the DC blogs, but homeless polar bears holding signs that say “SOS” are not the works of random activists. Ready for the surprise? It’s Greenpeace at it again. Man, those guys are so clever.

It has been an amusing protest of off-shore drilling and we all get the message, but can’t we continue without wasting the valuable resources of DC? On Tuesday a suspicious package shut down the Columbia Heights Metro station during the morning. It turned out to be a gigantic stuffed polar bear that Greenpeace left by a garbage can outside of the Metro without informing authorities. The taxpayers paid to send the bomb squad out, but Greenpeace got their message on the news, so we can be happy about it without complaining.

Yesterday another bear was placed by the Reflection Pool, leaving park rangers to spend their time, energy, and most importantly their attention dealing with the bear and getting Greenpeace on the news again.

Politics are all over Washington, DC. I point to the nuclear proliferation protesters who sit in front of the White House as an example of a good protest. The authorities know that they are there, and they do not leave their protest materials unattended for police to deal with at the taxpayer’s expense.

By all means Greenpeace, get your message out there by putting people in bear costumes on the side of US-50 (see post below by Frank), but don’t think for a moment that Washington will take your message seriously if you delay their Metros and basically use police resources to get press. Not cool.

Un-Bear-able Heat??

I took the above picture (on the phone-sorry for the blurry) this past Saturday at 23rd and Constitution-right where it turns into US-50 just south of Foggy Bottom.  My first thought “Well yeah you need help-you’re a Polar Bear and it’s sweltering out here!”

My second thought was an incredibly geeky thought that had to do with Lost, time-space travel and “Moving the Island.”  I won’t recount it fully here. 

After going back and forth over whether it was a person in a suit or just a suit (we determined it was just a suit) it appears I wasn’t the only person wondering if the National Zoo had become so overcrowded that Polar Bears had taken to wandering the streets homeless.  In what is likely another artsy/kinda vague/have to think about it for a minute demonstration/protest it appears that citizens concerned about global warming have been putting polar bear suits at different locales around the city in homeless garb. (As a friend put it “Ohhhhhh so like if Global Warming causes the ice to melt, like in Alaska, then the Polar Bears would be homeless! I totes get it!”)

Or at least that is the best guess so far-no one knows for sure. 

The Post picked up the story when one bear was called in as a suspicious package (it wasn’t, but-hey it could have been.  I mean The Dark Knight came out this summer and this would be a Joker-esque way to cause chaos…right?).  Add that to  fact that the demonstrators have yet to step forward to claim/explain the stunt, or even say how long it will go on for, and it leaves the question of what the ultimate disposition will be?

What about you DC?  Have you seen bears?  Lions?  Tigers?  Is this stunt going to get the point across, or will it be lost on all of us?  Know who’s responsible or have a good guess?  Then leave some comments, would ya?

Cooley Exposes Himself For The Blogosphere

Cooley's Foreskins Logo

Cooley's running a different kind of site now.

I recently found out that Redskins Tight End Chris Cooley has his own blog. I checked it out and I thought it was really cool, he writes about all sorts of things from how he can punch through drywall to the fantasy football league he plays with other members of the Redskins.

I went on the other day to check in on the Redskins fantasy football league and at the top was an apology post for having a penis on the site. Now it has been awhile since I’ve visited the blog so I had no idea what he was talking about- but certainly wanted to know. A penis on a blog sparks the curiosity much like snakes on a plane.

After searching the news I found out that it appears that in a previous post where Cooley writes about his pre-game prep; posted a photo of his study materials on his lap.

Problem was that he happened to be naked and a little penis slipped into the photo.

That’s the problem of doing things naked- you are bound to get caught. I’ve done a lot of things naked but I don’t think studying was one of them (I had more fun things to do while in college.)

While I didn’t catch the snafu when it first happened the photo quickly traveling through the blogs and I was able to find the photo over at Deadspin (it’s been censored.)

Dan Steinberg over at the Washington Post has a complete account of how the incident and the resulting frenzy.

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