Renaissance For DC Metroblog

Veronese Totally Photoshopped This.

Veronese Totally Photoshopped This.

Since the unfortunate exodus of DC’s old guard of Metrobloggers, the Capitol’s Metblog has gone through a rough stretch. Our friend and Metroblog Godfather Sean Bonner, along with the new staff of authors in DC have been working hard to get the site back up to snuff- a Renaissance if you will. Just a couple notes to the blogosphere:

  • Please give us some feedback! Any suggestions you can comment to us would be greatly appreciated. Never hesitate to suggest a story either.
  • Did I mention feedback? Kazam! [poll=2]
  • We are still have openings for authors on this site. Those interested should visit this post.
  • Stop by the Metroblog Hub. I just did for the first time and it is nothing short of sexy. You can even visit my homepage there, create a page of your own, join some really cool groups, and invite your friends to join in the fun.
  • Buy stock in the DC Metroblog. It is currently America’s only sign of economic growth.

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  1. therealborat on September 22nd, 2008 @ 8:24 pm

    please get rid of the registration process. i’ve been reading this blog for years. i only registered to post this message: your readership will be low if you require registration. seriously. look at other successful blogs, none of them require it. it’s the one reason why i haven’t posted, and will, after this post, NOT post on this blog.

    believe me, many of your … ummmm… setbacks, are due to this policy.

    you make it hard for folks to be heard, you lose interactivity and readership.

    trust me, i know.

    just sayin’…..

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