Cooley Exposes Himself For The Blogosphere

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Cooley's running a different kind of site now.

I recently found out that Redskins Tight End Chris Cooley has his own blog. I checked it out and I thought it was really cool, he writes about all sorts of things from how he can punch through drywall to the fantasy football league he plays with other members of the Redskins.

I went on the other day to check in on the Redskins fantasy football league and at the top was an apology post for having a penis on the site. Now it has been awhile since I’ve visited the blog so I had no idea what he was talking about- but certainly wanted to know. A penis on a blog sparks the curiosity much like snakes on a plane.

After searching the news I found out that it appears that in a previous post where Cooley writes about his pre-game prep; posted a photo of his study materials on his lap.

Problem was that he happened to be naked and a little penis slipped into the photo.

That’s the problem of doing things naked- you are bound to get caught. I’ve done a lot of things naked but I don’t think studying was one of them (I had more fun things to do while in college.)

While I didn’t catch the snafu when it first happened the photo quickly traveling through the blogs and I was able to find the photo over at Deadspin (it’s been censored.)

Dan Steinberg over at the Washington Post has a complete account of how the incident and the resulting frenzy.

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