Passport Lost and Hope to Find

Lets say a friend of mine lost their passport somewhere in Washington DC. The current best guest is in the back of a DC taxi cab.

Where should my friend look for it? Is there a global taxi lost and found? Or should there be a call-a-thon to each taxi company? Or would even that matter since most cabs are individually owned?

At least, if the passport cannot be found, the passport line is gone.

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  1. meganmh on June 17th, 2008 @ 10:07 am

    Yes. Your hypothetical friend can contact the DC Taxi Cab Commission ( and file a report. And should also probably start the process for getting a new passport because the Taxi Cab Commission actually having the lost passport requires the driver to have a. noticed the passport before someone else stole it and b. take the time to drive down to there and turn it in.

  2. garyb on June 21st, 2008 @ 2:13 am

    I once left my passport at a stall in a fair at about 10am. Walked around all day, freaked out when I remembered at 5:30pm that I had left my passport. Ran half way across town and got there around 6. All the stalls were closed and shut except the one I had left my passport at was being folded up. I ran there and as the guy saw me approaching he held up a little plastic bag — had my wallet and credit card … forgot that too.

    Anyhow, you once asked about worst cab rides. I had a Nigerian driver whose road rule seems to have been "empty space on the road can be occupied first come first serve". Anyhow, I heard some sirens and a bunch of fire engines were soon racing behind us. I pointed this out to my driver and he seemed to think I meant he should speed up because, you know, the firemen. So he raced in front of fire engines, angrily honking other cars out of the way, running red lights etc. I finally convinced him to pull over because he passed my stop.

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