Violence at 18th St Lounge?

Club violence is always something that kinda gives me the willies, and this example is no exception. Going in for my morning coffee this morning my bariista comrade was looking more forlorn than usual, and related to me that he’d seen the DJ stabbed at 18th Street Lounge last night. Said what had been “a really chill evening” was interrupted by major league violence and a major police response.

While the major media outlets (in my admittedly brief perusal) seem quiet on this, a venue like 18th Street Lounge us not a place I expected to see this kind of tragedy! Damn.

Update: Will the DJ from last night checks in below, entirely unperforated, to our great relief. He does confirm that there was a stabbing at the lounge last night. Our thoughts and well-wishes go out to the actual victim for a speedy recovery, as no one deserves to get stabbed while they’re just trying to have a good time.

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  1. esldj on May 22nd, 2008 @ 11:45 am

    hi tom, rejoice! tell your bariista comrade that i am, in fact, a-ok! i was the dj at esl last night and woke up this morning totally puncture free. i do feel really bad for the other guy who did get stabbed though. :(

  2. esldj on May 23rd, 2008 @ 7:07 pm

    by the way, for the record, sure there was a minor scuffle at the venue but let me correct myself: nobody was "stabbed." the apparently "stabbed" person had simply cut himself on a broken bottle during the commotion. this seems to be a totally fluke and isolated incident and not indicative at all of the venue or its general patronage.

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