A Hunt tidbit

Photo courtesy of Me

I haven’t written up our whole Hunt experience, but hopefully I’ll find time while it’s still semi-fresh in my mind; I think it would be interesting for those of you thinking of going (if there is a) next time to hear what it’s like in context, rather than just read the amazingly intimidating puzzles in the sample.

I did want to share with you, however, a quick (blurry) picture from one of the puzzle sites when we went to see it. This puzzle was a variant on the usual President’s Race from a National’s game, with the addition of a “surprise contestant” who the announcer refers to as a “male hoofed ruminant.” In the parlance of the race that’s “a buck,” by the way.

What I didn’t realize till later when speaking to a Hunt staffer is that they actually had arranged for the big-headed racers from the games to participate, as seen in the video here. We just happened to come by when they had let the actual runners go on break and some volunteers stepped in to run for a few races. For my money (hah!) the fake presidents were better, though it would have been fun if Nixon had gotten a conspirator to interfere with one of the other racers. While off to a strong start here, Jimmy unfortunately didn’t place in the top three…

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