Two days till the Tropic Hunt

If you didn’t read the chat I linked in yesterday’s post, you might have missed my old cow-orker Andy shamelessly attempting to shill his archive site.

D.C. Here I Come, FL: How ironic would it be if someone from South Florida placed in the Hunt, knowing what the prizes are?

Is there a Webs ite with more information?

“Not Andy the guy┬┐”


Okay, maybe it is. Post Hunt

Gene Weingarten: True fact: One team has won three times. They’ll be coming in. From Seattle.

Although the chat coor-dinators did take kind of a swipe at him by reposting the Post Tropic Hunt website url rather than the link to the Tropic/Herald Hunt Archives, as he was angling for, they did not have the knowledge to point out to him that he’s never won the Hunt once. Or been close. Even a little. Maybe because he’d imply that it would be ironic for someone from South Florida to win a trip to South Florida rather than simply unfortunate.

I can’t believe I agreed to team with someone who takes his vocabulary lessons from Alanis.

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