Failing to learn from the mistakes of others

C Richard Cranwell, hypocriteYou’d think after the big beating that the Republican party took over their moronic attempt at a loyalty oath that the Virginia Democrats would learn, but no. Marc Fisher writes here about the oath presented to caucus-goers at a recent event for selecting school board candidates. From the article:

But Arlington Democratic Committee chairman Peter Rousselot tells me that the loyalty pledge has been part of the caucus process for many years, and is in fact mandated by the state party.

You know, the state party. From the article in November, linked in this piece.

“It’s a slap in the face to voters, saying, ‘We don’t trust you,’ ” said C. Richard Cranwell, chairman of the Virginia Democratic Party. “It’s not surprising the Republican Party doesn’t trust the voters.”

I agree entirely, Mr Cranwell. A slap in the face.

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