DC Tickets, Tows Stolen Car, Releases it to Thief

I love this story. It’s just so perfectly kleptocratic DC. Guy has his car stolen, the thieves get a parking ticket, which gets billed back to the owner. Meanwhile, the car amasses tickets, and finally gets towed.

This is where the story should end. They should run the plates on the car, find out it’s been stolen awhile back, and call the rightful owner. They should void the tickets as occurring while the car was stolen, and then go after the thief.

Here’s what actually happened: Because it’s DC, they release the car to the thief, and send the owner to collections for the amount of the tickets.

Now that’s some efficient government right there.

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  1. Monica (monica) on April 11th, 2008 @ 11:03 am

    Well that story certainly inspires confidence! Unbelievable!

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