Don’t Fall for that Speed Trap

Picture 1.png I got a speeding ticket in February in Arlington. It sucked, but I was definitely going what he said I was going, but there’s no way that George Mason near Columbia Pike is a 30mph zone. 4 lanes, divided, it’s just not meant for that speed. But anyhow, I got caught in a speed trap. DC’s full of speed traps, some of them electronic-and-camera, some of them flesh-blood-and-lidar.

Good thing that Trapster’s here to show us where they are. You can add traps, look for traps, even have traps sent to your cellphone via Text Message. Bad. Ass.

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  1. pgautam on April 11th, 2008 @ 2:26 pm

    Unfortunately, even after reading this post, it did not come to my mind when I was driving downtown sometimes in the night last week. I received a ticket through mail from DC police. They cited speeding violence. It said the area was Radar monitored and the speed limit was 25 mph. My speed was sensed by radar as 35 mph and it got its cameras turned on my car. Thats how they say they captured the picture of my car.

    Sounds cool … but its surprising that in a multi-lane road like that the speed limit is 25 mph. So, folks be careful when driving downtown especially at night!

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