myLHBS Newsletter – Triple Threat, and Just in Time!

I just got the most recent newsletter (PDF) from Derek Terrell at myLHBS and was thrilled to see that this month’s recipe was a Belgian Triple. This is a type of beer I have had on rare occasions and always enjoyed. Now that I know a recipe, I can darken the doorway of my favorite homebrew shop again to get some ingredients.The newsletter came just in time. I am going to bottle my current brew tomorrow morning and will soon have empty equipment. This is another Derek Terrell recipe – a hefeweizen similar to Blue Moon, if I did it right. I wasn’t sure how much orange peel and coriander to add to the boil, so I added the minimum Derek suggested, since he had given me a range. I wanted to avoid an overpowering flavor but definitely wanted hints of these flaovrs. I can’t wait to try it tomorrow, fresh from the fermenter.Are you a homebrewer? What do you like to make? Interested in homebrewing? There’s no better way to get beer than from your own stovetop, so go see Derek to learn about it or send me an email and maybe you can come by next time I brew a batch. Beer and photography really do go together well!Here is this month’s recipe, from Derek’s newsletter:

Triple ThreatOne of the really nice things about Belgian ales is their simplicity and the degree to which they can be altered by even minor changes to basic recipes such as this one. Triple Threat is one I brew when I’m in the mood for something Belgian yet also can’t settle on exactly what I want to make. Choose Clear Candi syrup for a Strong Golden, or opt for Amber for something akin to Ommegang’s Rare Vos (and maybe even spice it lightly for a Grand Cru). Either of the Dark syrups will brew up a rich Strong Dark Ale.Ingredients8 lb. Alexander’s Pale liquid malt extract1.5 lb. Belgian Candi syrup: Clear, Amber, Dark or Dark 21 lb. Gambrinus Honey malt (crushed)2 oz. German Spalt hop pellets (bittering)1 Wyeast #3522 Belgian Ardennes ale or 2 Safbrew T-58 dry yeast3/4 cup priming sugarAnd don’t forget…Irish Moss/Whirlfloc (recommended), grain bag(s), optional hop bags, bottle caps and sanitizer.Directions1. Place crushed malt(s) loosely in a grain bag and tie it off at the top. Steep grain in 2 gallons of ~170F water for 15 minutes. Remove the spent grain bag & squeeze gently (hot, so use tongs) before discarding.2. Bring the malt “tea” to a boil, add Candi syrup and bittering hops & boil for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, remove the brewpot from heat and dissolve malt extracts thoroughly before returning to boil (watch for a boil-over!)3. Boil for 15 additional minutes, adding Irish Moss or Whirlfloc only once the boil resumes. After 15 minutes turn off the heat and proceed to cool wort to below 100F as quickly as possible (if you don’t have a wort chiller use ice: put the pot in a sink with a bag of ice and water & stir until cool).4. Pour the cooled wort into your fermentor and add sufficient pre-chilled water to make 5 gallons of beer. Tip: Refrigerate 3 gallons of water the night before to help cool the wort to pitching temperature quickly.5. Stir vigorously to mix ingredients and introduce as much air as possible. Add yeast only once wort is below 75F (and stir vigorously again). Ferment as close to 68F as possible for 7 to 10 days or until done.6. Once final gravity (FG) has been reached, bulk prime with sugar & bottle. Beer is ready in about 6 weeks.OG: 1.070 FG: 1.014 ABV: 7.2% IBU: 33

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