The Morning News: Just Three More Days Edition

Three more days in this quadrennial joke that is Leap Year February. Just three days and we’re through the worst of winter and Spring will be just around the cusp. For those of us who are seasonally-affected, making it through February is like making it through mile 20 of a marathon, or seeing the light at the end of tunnel is not, in fact, an on-coming train. Just three more days.

Cab Drivers Whine to DC Council Committee

Taxi drives spent time complaining to the DC Council yesterday that the new meter system will impoverish them to level unbeknownst to cab drivers since the D.C. Cab era. One driver remarked that he “pities the fool” who thinks meters are a good idea. There was also a strange remark about “jibber jabber.”

DC Can’t Handle Naked Statues

Never mind that they’re in various stages of grief and anger at the loss of their loved ones, the Capital Memorials Advisory Commission said that the naked figures could be offensive. I guess the taboo of nakedness far outweighs the artist’s judgment that we all stand naked and unprotected against the grief of the loss of loved ones, and against the unexpected violence of terrorists. But there’s boobies. So, no statues.

$75M Budget Gap in DC

WTOP is reporting that there’s a $75M Budget Gap in the city’s bottom line. Income and Sales Tax receipts are down this year, which was not expected, and as a result, the city will have to find some creative new ways of sealing the rift in the budget.

Another Great Success Story at DC Childrens’ Services

The Examiner has a chilling story of failure by the DC Childrens Services department in which a local elementary school principal was told that she doesn’t have the tools or experience to identify child abuse, all the while a little girl was getting abused by her male relatives. Nice work, DC.

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  1. Don (unregistered) on February 27th, 2008 @ 10:22 am

    Jeez, how lame. If they’d simply said that the Lockerbie event was too specific I’d think that totally reasonable, but suggesting that they "might be liable to coarse vandalism" is just pathetic.

    Even if it’s true – which I question – is that our barometer for what we do now? Nothing that might allow the low and criminal to misbehave. Talk about letting the criminals win.

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