The Morning News: Icy, Yet Not Snowy

Am I the only one wondering today how we’re predicting massive disaster associated with global warming, but we can’t nail down something like a simple weather pattern? The snow predicted for today was mostly deflected north of the city, leaving us with a slushy mess to deal with instead. There was a 1/10th of an inch (I got out some calipers.) of ice on my car this morning, but it’s fairly reasonable. Rain all day, possibly turning into snow late. Unless it’s all messed up again.

Messy Weather Closes Everyone (Except DC Schools)

It was fun to listen to the school closings this morning on the radio. Living in California during my formative years, I never got to know the glee of hearing that you’re getting a snow day. So, today, as WAMU stepped through all of the school closings, it was hysterical to hear that DC Schools are wide open today, while all the surrounding communities have packed it in.

I’m sure many parents got to say, “It’s a character-building exercise. Now get moving!” to disappointed kids all throughout the District.

Dude, Casual Encounters are Supposed to be Consenting

Maryland Police are looking for a serial rapist who is selecting his victims from Craigslist. The pattern seems to be that he finds someone on Craigslist, agrees to meet, then rapes them at knifepoint. Maybe it’s time for us all to go back to meeting people at work, or through friends and social outlets? Just to be safe?

My Neighbor, the Epix Tax Cheat

The Examiner has an awesome piece from one of the neighbor of Tax Scam Ringleader Hariette Walters in today’s paper. Of course, it’s not an ACTUAL neighbor, it’s someone who lives kinda sorta nearby. Maybe. I suppose then, can I claim to be her neighbor too, because we live in the same basic geographic region?

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