The Morning News: Love Hangover Edition

Good morning DC, I hope you’re all blissful this morning. Going to be downright pleasant for February out there, high in the low 50s before a weekend that may require an extra blanket.

Metro Considers Large Plasmas for Stations

Metro’s giving a good hard look at plasma screens for all the platforms, and if you’ve seen the plasmas at the Gallery Place station, you might have a good idea what the prototype may look like. In addition, the displays would show content from a new “Metro Channel”, designed to provide a platform for live announcements and display of system conditions.

Virginia Dumps Smoking Ban

Despite strong support from the left, the Virginia House of Delegates has killed the smoking ban for the fourth straight year. Since Virginia’s legislature holds most of the power in the State, cities and counties can’t independently ban smoking, and thus it continues unabated in many of the bars and restaurants in the state. Who was responsible? Why, look, it’s Virginia’s favorite son, David B Albo, of the egregiously stupid $1000 moving violation fines! Hooray.

Final Amount in Revenue Scam is $43M

Forty-Three Million Dollars is what several DC Department of Revenue employees stole from the city coffers as part of their years-long scam. My general hope is that they spend some serious time in a federal pen belong to the guy with the most cigarettes.

When in Doubt, Don’t Trust the Flower Guy

Some suspects were caught red handed on Thursday, but a Sheriff’s deputy dressed up like a flower delivery guy. They used a sheriff’s van made up to look like a flower delivery truck, and a deputy in a delivery guy’s uniform to put the cuffs on 12 suspects who had been dodging the police for some time.

Do you think they make fun of you extra if you got caught because you were monumentally stupid?

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  1. Tiff (unregistered) on February 15th, 2008 @ 10:51 am

    I also heard on NPR this morning that Metro is looking at expanding cell service within the system so that people not on Verizon could get reception. They said it could be rolled out to the most highly-trafficked stations within 18 months. Not that I want to listen to 27 different cell conversations while I ride, but it would be nice to not be in a communications black hole while I’m trying to meet up with people.

  2. Don (unregistered) on February 15th, 2008 @ 2:34 pm

    It would be nice, but if there’s any sort of financial tradeoffs to be made that would be pretty low on my list. I don’t quite understand why AT&T or T-Mobile don’t foot the bill for this kind of thing.

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