Where to Vote Today

If you’re thinking to yourself right about now that you should’ve looked up where your polling place is by now, but don’t know, you’re in the right place. Here’s how to find out where you should be voting today.

In DC: Use this handy Polling Place Finder, it searches based on your home address, or, if you know your precinct number, on that. There are 142 precincts in DC, and there’s a full list here, complete with entrance locations, and handicapped entrance locations. Polls close at 8pm.

In Virginia: Use the State Board’s Polling Place Finder. It’s based on your Home Address, so put that in, and it’ll be all good. If your address isn’t on there, contact the State Board and they’ll tell you where to go! Polls close at 7pm.

In Maryland: Check out the UMBC Election Day Polling Place Locator, which is weird because it’s actually not at the State Board’s site. However, give it your home address and it’s off to the races. Polls close at 8pm.

Please be aware that if you have proper identification and someone tries to turn you away, please ask to speak to the head judge of the polling station. They can check with the county or city clerk to make sure that you’re in the right place, and you can always cast a provisional ballot. Provisional Ballots are reviewed by the county or city clerk’s office to make sure that you were indeed registered and that you had the right to cast your ballot. Don’t get angry, be polite, be firm, and exercise your right to a franchise.

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