The Morning News: Stupor Wednesday Edition

I’m sure it’s more than a little slow in some offices this morning as folks who spent their night out watching election returns, and in some cases, drinking heavily, trickle into the office looking like varying degrees of warmed over death. I know that’s a bit how I feel, and I’m not even all that invested! On to the news.

No Noose is Good Noose

As three nooses were found at a Rockville High School, the public effect of nooses is being considered in DC, and Councilman Kwame Brown is proposing legislation to make the display of a noose a hate crime. Of course, the nooses in Rockville were made with the cords from the venetian blinds, so take that Maryland racist with a bit of…flair, then, shall we?

Redskins Pay Tribute to Green & Monk

The Redskins played host to a tribute to their two new hall of famers yesterday out at Redskins Park. Apparently, Art Monk spoke for 10 minutes, which is about 9 minutes more than he normally would speak to anyone about anything. I think this may have opened the floodgates a bit.

Dulles Rail Still in Limbo

As the weeks drag on, the Dulles Rail saga continues unabated. This week’s news includes the fact that the project still is unrated, meaning it hasn’t been given a pass or a fail grade yet. Some see this as success, some see it as a failure. It’s hard to tell, this is one situation that is fractally confused: anyone part of the whole saga is as confusing as the whole.

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