The Morning News: Raintacular

The sleet and freezing rain were dissolved by the heat island effect, leaving us with just a lot of rain. Carry an umbrella, it’s mostly going to suck today.

“Sick and Safe” has Businesses Ill

The concept is one we should all be familiar with: DC workers are guaranteed sick leave by law. Unfortunately, as the Examiner shows, this may send some businesses to Virginia and Maryland: “It already costs me 29 percent more to do business in the District. This will make it in the high 30s and affect bottom lines in every business.”

DC Fire Department Instructor Gives Out Answer Key

An Instructor for DCFD has been suspended from his teaching duties pending a review of allegation that he gave out the answers for his own exams. Great. I know you want people to pass the tests, man, but you could do that by doing your job instead of just skirting the porn allowance on DC city computers. Of course, the Examiner makes it look far more insidious by suggesting this was a move to promote more caucasians in the department.

School Closure List Expected Shortly

There’s a press conference at 10:30 this morning, and it’s expected the list of 23 proposed closures may be whittled down to fewer schools. We’ll know shortly if all the protests have been successful.

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