Rates to be lower, whining just as intense

WaPo reports that Fenty and the Taxicab commission have announced rates for the new meter system that will be lower that previously estimated. Instead of a $4 ‘drop rate’ (ie, the cost of simply getting in and sitting down, before going anywhere) it’ll be $3 and, best of all, the inane rush hour and phenomenally inane additional passenger surcharges will be dropped.

As you can imagine, the taxi drivers are responding to this news with all the calm and maturity they’ve been bringing to the table since day one.

In another uncharacteristic sane move, the current forcible sphincter enlargement guideline of allowing doubling of zone fares during snow emergency conditions will make way to a 25% increase of the meter-displayed fare.

I actually wouldn’t have much issue with a significant increase in fares during a snow emergency, but if you check the guidelines on the Taxicab commission’s website[pdf] you find that ’emergency’ doesn’t mean the same thing to you and I that it does to a cab.

Snow emergency fare periods shall begin at such times as the Chairperson makes a public announcement that snow emergency fares are authorized. The Chairperson shall make that announcement when informed by the Department of Public Works that it is necessary to dispatch snow plows.


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  1. Karl Rudder (unregistered) on January 21st, 2008 @ 10:34 am

    I was taught that anyone trying to addresss an issue should first responsibly research the facts of that issue. Mayor Fenty,other national and local politrickcians as well as the professional and volunteer authors of countless articles on the very unique and corrupt DC taxicab zone system insist on failing to express the insight gained by calling the DC Public Service Commission and asking for copy of the initial decision made by the DC government in respect to use of the zone system. It is a free service and all of you clowns still refuse to call and ask for copy of DC Pubic Utilities Commission order no. 956 that was issued on 11/6/31. You can then review the 20 reasons why the zone system had been denied to replace meters 77 years ago.
    Those getting mommies permission to go to the Library of Congress Law Library can then ask the librarian to help you get copy of Judge Adkins decision (PURC 1932 pg.1). Bring all of your pennies from your piggy bank and try and get copy of the 20 pages of Judge Adkins decision.
    Review of google.com under the subject, "Karl Rudder’s Blog" will provide you a detailed summary of the basic facts of the Congressional corruption of the DC taxicab industry that national and local politrickcians and the local news media has disallowed you to have since 1934.
    My point folks is that before you open your mouth and start to try and address an issue you should always have some intelligent idea of what you are talking about. The Congress has not allowed the IRS to address the failure of the DC taxicab companies and drivers to reliably record their income and pay their income taxes and the rest of you only know how to talk about what Jim Vance, Bruce Johnson or whoever else the man will hire to "report" the news to you.
    It is not illegal to educate yourself on the Congressional corruption of the DC taxicab industry.

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