The Morning News: Overhauling the District

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I saw one of our own get married on Saturday night, watched some football, and relaxed. I thought about hitting up the Corcoran for the end of the Leibowitz exhibit, but I decided that the crowds weren’t worth it. Maybe next weekend, I’ll hit the Hopper…but in the meantime here’s what’s going on. It’s all about change and overhauls.

The Hearings Begin

The Chancellor and Mayor are advocating for 23 of DC’s schools to be shuttered in ordered to “rightsize” the school system. Of course the hearings appear to be fairly diverse and complex. Instead of one big hearing, or a group of a few hearings, there will be 23 simultaneous hearings on the sites of the schools to be closed. I have no idea why this makes sense as the Chancellor and Mayor can really only be at 1 or 2 at a time, but I do imagine this will diffuse the frustration to more places, so I can understand that being used as a justification.


The NVTA has voted for some funding to support a line of streetcars along the Columbia Pike corridor from Pentagon City to Skyline in Fairfax. The organization raised $37M for the trolley project, putting it about $100M short of their goal to build the experimental line from Pentagon City to Skyline. Will Arlington pony up to help? Who knows. Check out the developer’s pitch video, though.

Social Service Gap

Last week’s horrific discovery of 4 girls dead since May in their mother’s home has lead for a push for overhaul of the social services safety net in the District. The Mayor will announce several firings of failed bureaucrats today, followed by a task force to fix the problems in the social services agency.

Overhauling Your Kitchen, By Mandate

Soon, using dishwasher detergents bought at area stores may well be illegal. Councilwoman Mary Cheh has brought a bill to the Council that would remove the dishwasher detergent exemption from the phosphates ban. So, either eat out more, or get ready to hand wash while the majors reassess and reformulate.

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  1. Carl Weaver (unregistered) on January 15th, 2008 @ 8:37 pm

    A trolley on Columbia Pike. That’s a dumbass idea. Go from one place you don’t want to go, along a street you don’t care about, all the way to someplace you don’t need to go. All the while, duplicating what the bus already does.

    I spent about twenty minutes discussing this with former candidate for Sheriff Steven Strasburg and he agrees, for what that’s worth.

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