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Sean Taylor is dead

Apparently he succumbed to his injuries early this morning.

Phil Shapiro Gives Thanks

Local musician, blogger, techie and all-around great guy Phil Shapiro has a post today giving thanks to Tim Berners-Lee. In addition, he posted a simple little ditty that I found to be quite heartwarming. Check it out.

Phil is one of the more interesting people out there, a real community builder, and has a great heart. Be sure to check out his bio page and learn more about the good work he does.

Redskins Safety Shot in Florida Home

Redskins star safety Sean Taylor was shot in his Florida home early this morning. The Post article goes deep into Taylor’s discipline history and seems to imply that the shooting was either of a domestic nature, or relating to his personal discipline problems, while ProFootballTalk is reporting that the shooting was related to a burglary:

Redskins safety Sean Taylor has been shot in Florida, a source with knowledge of the situation tells us. He is in critical condition at a Miami-area hospital and, per the source, is “fighting for his life”.

Taylor spent Sunday night in his Florida home with his girlfriend and infant daughter. A robbery occurred, and Taylor was shot in the leg by one of the invaders.

The bullet severed his femoral artery. He currently is in surgery.

It strikes me as odd that the two reports are of drastically different nature. Of course, ProFootballTalk being an internet site may not have as detailed a fact-checking department as the Washington Post, I just find it odd that the Post needed to put his discipline problems at the bottom of the article, either as explanatory or expository to the story. However, the Miami Herald is reporting that Taylor was shot by an intruder: “Sean Taylor of the Washington Redskins was shot and wounded early Monday by an intruder in his home on Old Cutler Road in Palmetto Bay.” I suspect their fact-checkers are as good as the Post’s. Unfortunately, the Herald also felt it necessary to harp on Taylor’s background.

Tragedy at 9:30 Club

Over the weekend, Hawthorne Heights (Warning, plays music) was supposed to play at the 9:30 club, a nearly sold-out show on Saturday night. However, their guitarist Casey Calvert was found dead on the tour bus, the cause of his death is unclear at this time. Hawthorne Heights released this statement via their website on Sunday:

Today is probably the worst day ever. Its with our deepest regrets that we have to write this. Casey Calvert passed away in his sleep last night. We found out this afternoon before sound-check. We’ve spent the entire day trying to come to grips with this and figure out as much as possible. At this time we’re not sure what exactly happened. Just last night he was joking around with everyone before he went to bed. We can say with absolute certainty that he was not doing anything illegal. Please, out of respect to Casey and his family, don’t contribute or succumb to any gossip you may hear.

Having enjoyed Hawthorne Heights on XM on many a drive around town, my heart goes out to the band, and to Casey’s family and friends.

DC Police are investigating Casey’s death, but no timetable is given for any conclusions.

Turkey Hangover?

I’m not sure what it was this morning that finally got me out of bed, but I noticed it wasn’t the sunshine, nor was it a drive to get to work, it might’ve had something to do with the cat poking my eye with his paw, or maybe it was the NPR report about Sarkozy and China on WAMU, I’m not entirely sure. What I found particularly odd was that I wasn’t alone in my turkey hangover this morning.

All along my route into Murky, I was surprised by the lack of traffic. Am I the only one getting a late start this morning? Was it just me with the light traffic? I suspect that if Route 50 was as light as it was, the rest of town was pretty manageable as well. As displeased as I am to be off vacation and back to the grind, knowing that I have an easy ride home may do wonders.

Happy Black Friday, Washington

I hope you all had a happy Turkey (or Tofurkey for some of us) day yesterday and did as much or little shopping as you liked today. I personally limited myself to picking up the Orange Box at Best Buy for $25, half off, but my darling girlfriend and both our mothers spent a little more time with World Market and other places.

So what does that have to do with DC, you ask? Well, nothing. However we celebrated my dearest’s dad’s birthday at Bebo Trattoria, Roberto Gallo Donna’s restaurant. It was the first visit for our families, so we told them about how much we enjoyed the food but that Signore Gallo Donna’s business management was sometimes a little…. lacking. Case in point – the crack is still there. Additionally, we told them, the service sometimes leaves a little to be desired.

Well, if our waiter – who was quite good – heard this and took it as a challenge, he also overheard the mention of someone’s birthday. Because when the end of the meal came about, he showed up with a tiramisu with a candle in it and sang. Which resulted in a lot of looking around the table at each other wondering “who asked for this?” As it turns out – nobody. It was entirely an impromptu observation and gesture from our server.

So, kudos to you, Mr Attentive, and you, Chef Gallo Donna, for employing him. I’m still worried you’re going down the black-duct-tape-on-the-door path that haunted Gallileo, but maybe you’re turning around the service quality so it more closely matches the delicious offerings.

None of which looked as horrific as the above picture I took of Mr Hanky the Thanksgiving Poo-urkey Cake I saw at Giant on Wednesday. *shiver*

Thanks for the correction Tom. There’s a lesson, kids – never post when sleepy!

Happy Thanksgiving, Washington!

I’m sitting in my dining room, eating breakfast, enjoying a moment of peace before friends descend and our Orphan Thanksgiving Dinner preparations begin. Running over the list in my head of what goes in the oven, on the cooktop, how long, temperature, how much chopping, dicing – I know it fills a lot of people with dread but for some reason this is my absolute favorite holiday.

It’s even more my favorite now that I’m in my second year of putting my foot down and saying “no way in hell” to traveling anywhere.

The curtains are floating in and out, the windows all open thanks to a magnificent morning (thundershowers later, maybe? that’s ok, we have plenty of candles). The sunlight has begun to stream in the yellow room. I’m so very happy today. Happy for my friends, my family, my house, my husband asleep upstairs. Happy I have the unbelievable luxury of food to prepare and people to make happy by sharing it with them. Happy to live in this beautiful city, maligned by some yet still adored by many.

Happy Thanksgiving, Washington!

Washington, DC on $85 a Day

Washington, DC on $85 a Day

Originally uploaded by Musely.

Trompe L’oeil is what the French would call this excellent photo collage featuring the various famous American buildings that are featured on our currency. All those times we pull the bills out of our wallets and purses, their varicolored backgrounds set against the traditional green, we forget that we drive or walk by them and see them every day.

Great shot, Musely!

Thanksgiving Eve Miracle

Thanksgiving Miracle

Garden edging free for the taking. No joke. These things look really nice. If I hadn’t been dog tired from excessive travel and walking home because of the crappy ART Bus schedule, I would have taken them myself.

Corner of Kensington and 36th Street North in Arlington. Get them before some other person with more energy than I have saunters by.

Cultural Traditions

Everybody knows that Thanksgiving “weekend” is probably among the best five days in the Washington, DC calendar. People come home for the holiday from wherever they have dispersed to and everybody heads out to clubs and bars – sometimes even those that might be off-puttingly packed with khakied-and-ballcapped transients during the rest of the year.

As for what to do during the day time to amuse yourself and family as people get progressively snippier with each other around the house, how about something that is pleasant and edifying (probably more than can be said of most of the movies you were thinking about)?

My top suggestion is that you remember that all Smithsonian museums are open every day except Christmas. That means they are all open on Thursday for your pre-meal perusal. Try visiting one you have put off before, or go back to a favorite knowing you will have the peace and quiet to really pay attention to the pieces you love. Check out the new Kogod Courtyard at the Reynolds Center. Go to the zoo!

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