Happy Thanksgiving, Washington!

I’m sitting in my dining room, eating breakfast, enjoying a moment of peace before friends descend and our Orphan Thanksgiving Dinner preparations begin. Running over the list in my head of what goes in the oven, on the cooktop, how long, temperature, how much chopping, dicing – I know it fills a lot of people with dread but for some reason this is my absolute favorite holiday.

It’s even more my favorite now that I’m in my second year of putting my foot down and saying “no way in hell” to traveling anywhere.

The curtains are floating in and out, the windows all open thanks to a magnificent morning (thundershowers later, maybe? that’s ok, we have plenty of candles). The sunlight has begun to stream in the yellow room. I’m so very happy today. Happy for my friends, my family, my house, my husband asleep upstairs. Happy I have the unbelievable luxury of food to prepare and people to make happy by sharing it with them. Happy to live in this beautiful city, maligned by some yet still adored by many.

Happy Thanksgiving, Washington!

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