Make Bethesda Up Yours

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Every day when I walk through Bethesda and enjoy such things as the Bling Bus, the broke-ass expensive parking meters and even the fishy minivan, I can’t help but like the town. Sure, it has marketing problems, such as this slogan, but at least it is a good-looking place that always seems to try to better its image.

The “UP” part of this slogan refers to Bethesda United Partnerships, which does the landscaping, much of the aesthetic maintenance and management of large events. There’s a lot going on here other than a string of chain restaurants. Thankfully I don’t work in that part of town, so my image of Bethesda is one of independent businesses, interesting people and an aspect of commerce that is thriving there while disappearing in many other places.

Go to the site and see some of the cool things going on there. Art walks, farmer’s market, flea markets… Bethesda really has it going on.

The one drawback to Bethesda is that there is no Taco Bell. So when Don posts about free tacos and other such delights, I have to settle for Chipotle and a burrito the size of a cow’s head. Sin manteca, of course.

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