Homeless Traffic “Cop”

As I drove in this morning, I saw an odd site as I approached K and 19th Street. It was early this morning, but there was a back-up just before K, which is unusual. As I approached I realized there had been a pretty hefty fender bender nearly right at the intersection and polic had not yet arrived.

Unfortunately that’s not all that odd, but as I got closer I realized that [what appeared to be on first look] a homeless man was directing us drivers to get over to the right lane so that none of us hit, or got stuck behind, the two stopped and smooshed cars. He was doing a great job and frankly without his direction it could have been a messy situation b/c the flashers on the cars weren’t on – and you know how that is when you inadvertently get stuck behind a stopped car and can’t make it back out in to moving traffic. And then make that an entire lane of traffic, and you can image the back-ups for blocks.

So thanks to that guy. That was a cool move – I wonder if he just wanted to jump in to help out, or if one of the drivers asked him to as he was passing by. Hmm.

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