No, Really, Ice Cream is the answer.

I just got back from a quick visit to see a client, and I can say with no small degree of irony that I really, really need a shower. It’s foul out there. It’s the kind of feeling that generally occurs when you soak an army blanket in bath water, then wear it as a full-body drape. It’s the kind of feeling that absolutely, positively begs for an ice cream cone. or a chocolate malt. Or a sundae. Seriously, just go out and hit the Dickie’s Frozen Custard on I St. NW, or the local Ben and Jerry’s, or any of the other Ice Cream places in this city. It’s no secret that I advocate ice cream consumption when it gets hot, and today is certainly no exception. Get an ice cream, because when it’s this bad outside, you need to treat your body to something cold.

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