I love a good picnic. Hit the park with some good grub on a nice day, grill out on a public grill, and pump up the volume on the boombox. Your idea of a good picnic might be simpler, though, sandwiches at a table with a few friends with some soft jazz playing. Another person might be a frisbee junky.


Enter Picnicmob. The idea? Have a 1,000 person picnic in a DC public park while balancing social interests, picnic food preferences, hobbies, jobs, lifestyles, all manner of things. Some folks may not like the idea, but I think it’s freakin’ fantastic. What better way to meet new people in DC? Sign up, they’re hoping to get this off the ground soon. Check out the organizer’s blog, too:

I think there’s all kinds of ways in which computers can be used to forge relationships in local communities instead of always being blamed for breaking them apart… Here’s is one person’s idea for a way in which this might be accomplished…

In order to create a real-world map of communities, you need to get a ton of people into an open space and give them a reason to stay there for an extended amount of time- In fact, a picnic I think is the only way this is possible- I’m not just throwing together random ideas, but instead you have to have a picnic in a park to bring this idea into reality!

Sign up, so we can throw a big picnic party!

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